Whether you are interested in remodeling or building a new home, our Design Showcase tool provides a unique opportunity to create and display your custom preferences. The Design Showcase is easy to use and can help you spark your ideas at the click of a button. After you click the start button on the page, the application will open to the main menu. From there, we’ll show you a wide range of options that include window, room options, colors, as well as design tools. The Design Showcase has been programmed to work on Windows and Mac computers, smartphones and other devices.


Click the Start Button

Once you click on the start button and enter the opening screen, you’ll see a room appear with a window in the center. The default window is a double hung, white, vinyl siding window (with a beautiful view outside, we might add). Keep in mind; the default colors lean more toward the neutral shades to keep your options open.


Window Tabs

Click on each window tab, and you will be able to see different types of windows that could work in the same room. You’ll also be able to see what the room looks like when opening up the wall with patio doors. Our main line of windows include:


●        Double-Hung

●        Casement

●        Sliding

●        Awning

●        Bay and Bow


Color Tab

Click on the color tab, and you’ll be able to see all the colors and shades we have to offer for the frames. As you can see, each shade creates a different mood. Some of the many shades we have to offer include:


●        White

●        Beige

●        Soft / Rich Maple

●        Light / Dark Oak

●        Foxwood


Grid Styles Tab

What do you want to go across your window? There are several grid styles you can choose. Some of our most popular include:


●        Colonial (standard squares)

●        Diamond (diagonal)

●        Prairie (around the edges)

●        Double Prairie (around the edges, two lines together)

●        Craftsmen (standard squares on one-half of the window)


The grid styles are also available in cut glass. Click on the cut glass tab to view.


Additional Options

In addition to many of the standard options for installing your windows, the Showcase also highlights other features to help you fine-tune your window design. These include:


●        Room Options. Try out different wall colors to see how the windows and frames will match.

●        Exterior Colors. Would you like to see how the windows will look on the outside? Click on the exterior colors tab and choose from our available colors. You can change the shade of the doors, vinyl siding, roof, shutters, and trim.

●        Selection & Options. To get an overview of all the choices you made, click the selections & options tab. It will give you a rundown of all the other tabs you clicked.


From Showcase to Installation

Once you’ve completed your Showcase experience, you’ll now be ready to order your windows, siding, or doors, and schedule an installation. We service all homes in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, area. Just call us at 651-770-5570, or you can message us on our contact page and schedule an initial consultation.

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