There’s been a lot of rain in Minnesota this spring and summer, which might have caused some wet basements.  Here are a few tips on preventing wet basements.

Make Sure your gutters are clean.

If you forgot to clean your gutters this spring, overflowing gutters can cause wet basements because the water is not being directed away from the foundation.  If you are tired of cleaning your gutters there are many products that can keep leaves out.  At Window World we have tried many different leaf proof type products and have found a gutter cover that works well for leaves and pine needles.

Make sure your downspout extensions are on.

At the bottom of each downspout make sure you have a 2-4 foot extension on.  This will direct the water away from the foundation and keep it from seeping though the foundation wall.  Sometimes downspout extensions can be in the way of mowing.  It’s important to get these back on.  At Window World we utilize a flip up downspout extension so it takes the hassle out of going around it with the lawn mower.

Replace old leaky gutters.

If you have seams  in your gutters now or if they are rusted out, they could be leaking and causing a wet basement.  New aluminum seamless gutters can keep the water directed down the gutter, to the downspouts and away from your foundation.

Re-hang poorly sloped gutters.

If your gutter is drooping in the middle, it will overflow and potentially cause a wet basement.  Gutters need to be slightly high in the middle or high on one end to direct the water to the downspout.  When we hang gutters, we usually figure about ¼ bubble slope when we put the level on it.

Flashing and sealing for gutters is also very important.

Flashing from the roof edge into the gutter needs to be properly installed.  Otherwise water can get behind the gutter and into your foundation.  Also, sealing around the downspout holes with a good gutter sealant is important to keep the water in the water management system.

Add gutters to your eves where you don't have any.

Sometimes because of house additions or other changes, you may need to add more gutters.  For example, on one of my rental houses I put in an egress basement window.  It was located under an eve that did not have gutters.  Because of this change, it created a place for water rushing off the roof to leak into the basement.  Adding new seamless gutters and a rain diverter solved the problem.

Look at your landscaping

If the lawn is sloping towards the house this could be directing water towards the foundation.  You might have to add some fill around the foundation in order to get the water to move away from the house.

Remember the #1 Solution

Remember that the number one solution for wet basements is to put seamless gutters and downspouts on the house so the water is directed away from the foundation.  

Seamless Gutters

Window World can come out and replace old gutters with new seamless gutters and put on a gutter cover to keep leaves out for a very modest investment. We provide high quality gutters, gutter installation, and gutter service in the Minneapolis area.


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