Sliding windows are a very popular way to let an unobstructed view of the outside into your home. Their ease of use, low maintenance, and functionality make them a great option when purchasing new windows.

What are sliding windows?

Sliding windows operate like sliding glass doors: there is one fixed pane, and another one that slides along a track located on the window frame. This is how the window opens and closes.

Are sliding windows easy to use?

They might be the easiest. Unlock the window and slide it to your desired level of openness. To close it, slide it back and engage the latch. That’s it. No cranking, yanking, or other tricky mechanisms.

What about maintenance?

Because sliding windows have few components, there isn’t much that can go wrong. There are no handles, cranks, pulleys, or springs. It’s an uncomplicated system. Just keep it clean, and you’re good to go.

How about functionality?

A nice feature of sliding windows is the flexibility to open them just a crack, all the way, or anywhere in between. Screens fit easily, and the window accepts a wide range of glazing. You can install energy-efficient glazing to reduce your heating and cooling bills. And a wide variety of styles means that you can fully customize your home, without breaking the bank.


Because sliding windows operate in their self-contained frame, there is no space lost when you open one. Instead it feels like it’s just you and the outdoors.

It’s spring, and that means it’s time to start thinking about new windows. If you’re looking at getting new windows in Minnesota, give us a call. We would love to be of service.  

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