2019 is indeed your year for new windows, and Window World Twin Cities can make it happen. Replacing the windows in your home is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. Window replacement will make your home more comfortable, lower your energy consumption, make things quieter around the house, and allow you to maintain your home with less effort.


We have many different types of windows to choose from. Each of them has the following benefits for you:


●        Reduce Your Energy Costs This Year

If you’re tired of high electricity bills, you’re not alone. Energy bills are expected to go up again this year, but you can combat the rising cost of energy. Window World Twin Cities technicians can install well-insulated windows that keep Minnesota winters out and warm air in. We offer Low-E window protection and double pane modern windows that block 85% of the sun’s UV Rays!


●        Our Windows are Easy to Maintain

Each of our window products feature advanced designs with improved sustainability. You’ll love how easy it is to clean the new models on both sides of the window. With quality construction built for durability, you’ll spend less time taking care of the window and more time admiring the view outside.


●        Feel Safer in 2019

Window World Twin Cities windows are available with glass options that can improve the safety and security of your house. Tempered glass is less likely to cause injury when accidentally broken, as it is designed to break into small granular chunks instead of splintering into shards.


Our laminated glass has a polymer interlayer that holds the glass together if someone or something shatters it. It’s an added feature that could deter intruders from breaking in the house.


●        It’s Suddenly Quieter Inside

Studies have shown that triple-pane or sound control glass can reduce outside noise by up to 35%. We can install sound control windows throughout your entire home. If you live in a noisy or busy part of Minneapolis, you’ll appreciate how quiet it can get in your house despite the city noise outside.


●        Your New Windows Look Amazing

While replacing your windows can reduce energy costs and increase security, the intricate style, wide range of colors, and designs made from unique materials can also enhance the look and feel of your home exterior and interior layout. New and improved windows can boost your home’s curb appeal, adding visual interest, and can help increase your home’s overall value.


Window World Twin Cities Can Make 2019 Your Year for Windows!

With all the features and benefits that windows have to offer, there’s no reason to put off getting new windows for your home. Window World Twin Cities offers complete window installation as well as window repair and replacement. No matter what type of windows you want, you can get them custom-made for your home.


To find out more about our products or to schedule a window inspection and estimate, contact us at 651-770-5570, or you can message us on our contact page. We provide window products and service for homeowners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

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