Bay and bow windows are often lumped together—and for a good reason. They primarily perform the same function. However, there are fundamental differences in their construction and design that should be noted. Let’s profile both and compare their differences as well as their benefits and features.


Bay Windows: Elegance at its Finest

A bay window combines three or more sections that extend out beyond the exterior wall at angles. Since the window extends out from the original wall, it creates more space on the inside of the home. However, what bay windows do is add a touch of class to any setting from both sides of the wall. And because you’re using a combination of windows, the design, shape, and size options are limitless.


Bow Windows: A Well-Rounded Design

Bow windows are essentially bay windows but with more sections. The idea is that they create more of a curved or bowed look instead of an angled look. Bow windows extend from the walls just like bay windows. With more sections, you get even more options. And like bay windows, the extension creates open space on the inside wall. Many homeowners use this space as a storage/seating combo. It’s great for reading or viewing the attractive scenery outside.


Why Are Bay and Bow Windows Popular?

The answer is simple. Bay and Bow windows allow your imagination to run wild while keeping your home design classy. They also open up your room as well as your scenic view outside. Whereas double hung or sliding windows give you a solid view of the scenery, bay and bow windows give you greater access with a built-in, 180-degree view. Due to their size, they allow lots of natural light to come into the room.


Professional Bay and Bow Window Installation

Window World Twin Cities offers whole bay and bow window installation for homeowners in North St. Paul and the surrounding Twin Cities area. For us to install your windows, we’ll need to sit down with you to go over design and details. You’ll need to tell us what you want the windows to look like. We will implement the window design, materials, color, and texture according to your specifications.


Window Products You Can Depend On

One of the things that sets Window World Twin Cities apart is the quality of the products we sell. Whether it’s double-hung windows, sliding windows, or bay and bow windows, our products have innovative engineering, long-lasting construction, and lots of options and features. We are committed to helping you design and install custom bay and bow windows that bring you 100% satisfaction. To schedule an initial consultation and get an estimate, contact us today at 651-770-5570, or you can message us on our contact page.


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