Do you need replacement windows but aren’t sure which style is best for your home? A double-hung window is a great option that can provide a beautiful view of the outdoors while also increasing the energy efficiency of your home.


Let’s take a closer look at double-hung windows and their advantages.

What is a Double-Hung Window?

A double-hung window has two sashes in a single frame, with both sashes able to slide up or down independently of one another. The sashes are flush with the wall, whether the window is open or closed.


There are several double-hung window configurations to choose from. You can select where you would like the meeting rail to appear to maximize your outside view or how you create a unique look with different designs.


Double-hung windows feature low-profile locks, which secure the sashes together for an air-tight fit. The low profile ensures the locks cannot be seen from the outside. Other custom options include:


●        Energy-efficient glass

●        Interior and exterior colors

●        Hardware finishes

●        Designer glass

●        Decorative grids

Our custom options allow you to design the perfect double-hung window for your home.

Advantages of Double-Hung Windows

●        Both sashes on a double-hung window can slide up or down independently to provide maximum ventilation.

●        Double-hung windows tilt-in for easy cleaning.

●        Double-hung windows are easy to clean and are an ideal fit when the height of the window opening is taller than the width.

●        Triple weather seal and multiple bulb seals have some of the best air infiltration ratings in the industry.

●        Double-hung windows have the highest design pressure rating (DP) and can withstand exceptionally strong winds.

●        Double-hung windows have outstanding security, with low-profile, double cam locks that join at the sashes for an extremely secure and tight seal.

What is the Best Location for Double-Hung Windows in Your Home?

Double-hung windows can be installed in almost any room throughout a home. However, they are ideal for bedrooms because of their ability to have both the lower and upper sashes opened. This allows for maximum ventilation. Since double-hung window sashes are flush with the wall, they are an excellent choice for walls next to patios, decks, and walkways.

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