Windows play important roles in the energy efficiency of your home in more subtle ways than you may realize. Energy efficiency impacts your budget, quality of life, and the environment.Window installation, seals, and materials are all factors in efficiency. Below are details regarding windows and how they impact your living spaces.

●        Window Treatments

Treatments, such as tints or glazes, can reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your home through your windows. In turn, this can cut down on cooling costs during the summer months. Other types of treatments, including blinds and curtains, have similar blunting effects. Having treatments professionally installed is key for optimal energy efficiency. We have a variety of resources and choices available to help you get the look and feel you desire for treatments.

●        Tight Seals

Air leaks and poor seals around window frames allow air to escape from your home, which can impact your heating and cooling efforts. If these inefficiencies exist in multiple places throughout your home, your energy bill will reflect the impact. This is true in both the winter and summer months, which makes it important to have windows installed or replaced by professionals. Caulking and sealing are integral to energy efficiency.

●        Exterior Shading

Reducing the amount of sunlight entering your home through windows is key for managing energy efficiency. In addition to window treatments, exterior shading can help reduce sunlight infiltration. Awnings and overhangs can make big differences when it comes to energy usage. We can help you select the exterior shading that works best for your home’s and aesthetic requirements. Sourcing exterior shading is a process we can help with, as well.

●        Frames

Window frames work in tandem with windows to reduce inefficiencies. The materials that frames are made of, such as metal or wood, and the manner they’re installed impact energy efficiency. Metal, composite, vinyl, or wood frames each have benefits. We can help you select and install the right frames in your home to reduce your environmental footprint and conserve your resources.

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