Open flooring concepts and patio sliding doors are synergistic because they offer a virtually seamless transition from the inside to the outside. That’s why sliding patio doors are generally a great addition to any residential or commercial building. 

While there are other types of patio doors in the market, such as French doors, the everyday convenience and simplicity of a well-maintained sliding patio door cannot be understated! Let’s jump in and review some of the benefits of sliding patio doors. 

Why We Love Sliding Patio Doors: 7 Benefits

Sliding patio doors are patio doors that slide open on the track when they open. Most of them come with two panels of glass. While one is made to slide open when pushed from the side, the other remains stationary. This method of opening your door brings a touch of modernity to your building.

View some of our stunning sliding door options in our gallery. Apart from what has been described above about sliding patio doors, there are other benefits of installing sliding patio doors in your home or commercial property.

1. Space-Saving

Sliding patio doors are great for small rooms and small business spaces as they can save a lot of space. Because of how they are designed, you can always add an extra panel of sliding patio doors for larger spaces. 

While other door styles will open back into your room, sliding doors stay within the frame tracks. This makes them perfect for smaller rooms and also allows you to fit more furniture and decorations in the surrounding space. 

So, if your space is concise, the sliding patio door will be a suitable addition.

2. Include Screens

The importance of letting air into your home cannot be overemphasized. The sliding screen in sliding patio doors makes it possible for air to penetrate through the door. 

Letting in the fresh air has many benefits. You can save money on heating and cooling your home and also just make the room feel lighter and airier. However, you’ll worry about bugs and other pests getting in without a screen. This is why patio doors with screens are so great to have. 

3. Easy Access 

The sliding doors make the inflow and outflow of traffic seamless. They also allow you to see who is coming in even before they come in and have a view of your beautiful surroundings. Because they can be opened and closed more quickly, you can maintain temperatures better and keep pests out. 

4. Natural Light

Sliding doors have extra-large glass panes that run the length of each door panel from top to bottom. This design makes the most of any available natural light, allowing you to experience well-lit interiors throughout the day.

5. Safety

Sliding doors were somewhat unsafe in the past since they weren't usually made with safety glass. Things have changed, with homeowners being able to purchase sliding doors with shatterproof safety glass. Contemporary sliding doors have locks and tough glass to keep you safe. 

6. Contemporary Aesthetics 

Sliding doors give any property a more refined appearance. They have a clean, basic appearance that complements most architectural types and a highly useful and practical design that maximizes natural light and outdoor views.

7. A Variety of Designs

While sliding patio doors have many other benefits that are more practical, you also want your patio doors to look beautiful, and you want to have options. Regardless of what kind of home interior and exterior you have or prefer, there is a sliding patio door option that you’ll love. 

French rail doors are an excellent way to combine all the functionality of a sliding door with the beauty of the French style. 

So Why Upgrade Your Patio’s Sliding Doors?

Of course, no house is complete without a door. But not all types of doors suit every home. Sliding patio doors are a multi-purpose door type that every Twin Cities homeowner should consider due to their high utility.

Sliding patio doors have many benefits, but are they really worth the upgrade? Here are the top reasons for upgrading your patio sliding doors with new, high-quality windows and frames.

Boost Quality of Life

New sliding doors can make getting to and from your patio easier while allowing fresh air into your indoor living spaces. Making life easier, more comfortable, and more relaxing is key to reducing stress and helping you get through your daily grind. 

Patio sliding doors are simple to maintain and can make your house seem larger when the sliding doors are open completely.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Old patio sliding doors may have inefficiencies associated with them, including air leaks, poor seals, and faded window treatments. As a result, they can detract from the overall energy efficiency of your home. 

New patio sliding doors can have energy-efficient features, such as window treatments and properly installed framing, that’ll positively impact your energy bills.

In fact, you can even make your sliding glass doors extra energy efficient by following these winter-proofing tips

Enjoy More Hosting Space

Having enough space is key if you enjoy hosting friends and family for barbeques, pool parties, or dinner events. Opening your patio sliding doors and creating a seamless indoor and outdoor entertaining area can help you seat and entertain guests. 

Your home will feel more open, spacious, and contemporary. Enjoying the cool summer breeze in your kitchen or patio can change the dynamics of your gatherings.

Influence Your Property Value 

Homes and buildings with open concepts and sliding patio doors that open completely are eye-catching and can make your property more attractive to potential buyers. Oftentimes features such as these can make a home the perfect fit for families or those that like entertaining. 

The better the functionality of your patio doors, the better chance you have to sell! If you want to maintain these benefits, you can follow these tips on maintaining your patio doors

Top 3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Sliding Glass Door 

If you are lucky enough to have sliding glass doors in your home, you know how convenient and beautiful they are. They make it easy to enter and leave your dining area to bring food and supplies to your patio, and sliding glass doors also allow lots of sunshine and light into a room. 

This type of door gives you a wide expanse from which to glimpse the outdoors. But as beautiful and convenient as they are, sliding glass doors can also be terribly inefficient when it comes to saving energy. 

You can reduce this likelihood by replacing them as needed. As with most doors and windows, time can wear them down. They may look outdated, but even worse, they could become damaged. 

If you notice any of the following signs, replacing your sliding glass doors should be at the top of your home maintenance list.

1. Gaps in the Door

If you can see gaps between your sliding glass doors or in between the door and the frame, you are losing money. Heating and cooling your home with gaps in your sliding glass window ensures that you are losing energy from inside your home to the outside. 

If you have a difficult time determining if there are gaps, wait until night falls, then have someone stand outside with a flashlight while you stand inside. If you can see light streaming in through your sliding glass door, you should replace it soon.

2. Drafts

Stand by your sliding glass door. If it is hot outside, you should not feel a rise in temperature. During the colder winter months, standing by your door should not make you shiver and reach for a jacket. 

Any change in temperature near your sliding glass door should prompt you to change them. Doing so can save you a great deal of money on your utility bills and improve your comfort level. 

In addition, any savings you enjoy now will continue for the following months and years.

3. Difficulty Opening & Closing

Sliding glass doors that are difficult to open and close are not only annoying but can also be dangerous. If your children, for example, cannot get out of your home in case of an emergency because the sliding glass doors stick, tragedy could result. Difficulties keeping the door closed and locked can also cause safety risks, as the door is less secure against anyone trying to get in. 

Sometimes, a sliding glass door is difficult to open and close because it has become misaligned from its tracks. In other cases, the rollers could have sustained some damage. Weather and a poor installation job are other causes that could result in the frame becoming damaged. 

Regardless of the cause, having difficulty opening and closing your sliding glass doors is grounds for replacing the door as soon as possible.

How to Find the Right Sliding Door for Your Patio

The sliding door you choose will significantly impact both sides of the wall of your home design. You have several factors to consider before selecting the right patio door. Window World offers a wide range of door options that match any style or taste. 

Let’s review some of the possibilities and factors you should consider as you begin your project. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us here in Minneapolis.

An Open View

One of your first considerations for investing in a sliding door should be the view on the other side of the glass. Sliding patio doors can open up the viewing area so that you can take in the scenery. Make sure that the window size does not exceed the patio area. 

Otherwise, we can install sliding doors with tall and wide dimensions. You can enjoy the view!

Intricate Designs

If scenery takes a back seat to design, we can install sliding patio doors with a grid pattern. You can achieve that French door look that is popular with homeowners. While many homeowners are lucky enough to have a wonderful patio view, you may not be in this situation. A stunning design may be preferable if the view outside leaves a bit to be desired. 

The difference is that the door slides and doesn’t swing open like a traditional French door. You benefit from the added space since the doors are embedded inside the walls. 

This option allows you to add contemporary custom curtains to cover the doors, too. 

Form & Function

Picture this: You’re cooking dinner for the family inside the kitchen. When it’s ready, you simply walk through the sliding doors attached to your kitchen and put food on the table located on the patio. 

An extra-wide sliding door can connect the indoors with the outdoors. The functional link gives you instant access to your patio from the room of your choice. 

We can install a “window wall” comprising a three-panel sliding door that spans up to 12 feet.

Durable Construction

Once we install the sliding doors, you’ll quickly find that the family will use the doors almost daily. You’ll need a permanent door that can handle a high rate of family activity.

We utilize the highest quality materials in the industry to deliver a sliding door that will last, and we properly install them according to industry standards and residential building codes. 

You’ll love how well your sliding doors perform over an extended period!

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