Are you renovating your home's patio? You probably have a lot in mind, from landscaping that will look great year-round to trendy outdoor furniture. While you're planning your dream patio, don't forget about patio doors! These can make a big difference in the look and functionality of your new space. Here are a few things to think about:


Two common styles of patio doors on the market are Standard and French Rail. Standard doors are the classic option you've seen before. They consist of panels that glide on hidden rollers. The doors open parallel to the wall so they take up minimal space when open. Meanwhile, French Rail doors offer the look of traditional French doors, but this style doesn't swing open. Instead, it glides on rails similarly to Standard doors.


Patio doors may let in as much light as large windows, but they are still doors that open and close, which creates the potential air gaps. This means that weather protection is a key concern. You'll want a properly installed set of doors from Window World Twin Cities to keep extreme temperature changes and moisture out. Look for features like:

●        Impact-resistant aluminum frames

●        Durable weather stripping

●        Wipe-clean vinyl that won't shed paint over time

●        Anodized tracks that repel rusting and corrosion

●        Double pane glass for temperature management


Even top-of-the-line patio doors may be disappointing if they aren't installed properly. Some frustrating consequences of a bungled installation include:

●        Bent tracks. You'll get an upper body workout every time you wrestle the door open.

●        Poor weather seals. Break out the mop when it rains and brace yourself for the HVAC bill!

●        Damage to floors and walls. Unsightly cracks and scrapes will distract you from your beautiful new patio.


A skilled installation company like Window World Twin Cities will install your sliding door right the first time around. Experienced professionals can also troubleshoot architectural issues like uneven floors and get you a great result quickly.

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