For the uninitiated, casement windows are hinged windows that open outward like doors. But unlike a door, casement windows are not opened with a knob or a handle, but rather by a crank. Here are some more aspects of casement windows that you might not know.

They keep the elements at bay. Outside of a fixed window, casement windows offer the most weathertight fit, while still offering the option of opening and allowing air flow in your home.

They provide good airflow. An open casement window can channel air into your home, providing an nice breeze inside. Unlike sliding or double-hung windows, casement windows can fully open to the outside.

They have lots of moving parts. Because casement windows are operated by cranks, there are more moving parts to potentially wear out. This potential for wear and tear discourages some homeowners. However, if you choose a quality manufacturer and window installer, you’ll enjoy years and years of a fully operational window.

They are secure. Casement windows have strong locking mechanisms that are embedded in the frame, making breaking in much more difficult.

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