Cooler weather is finally on its way after a long, hot summer. With all of the cooler temperatures and crisp autumn leaves, we’ll also be noticing shorter days and longer nights before we realize it. One of the biggest changes that often goes unnoticed is the lower level of sunlight filtering into your home during the fall and winter months. In addition to cranking up the heater, your energy bills will also be impacted by the need for constant lighting.


If you’re frustrated by the darkness of your living space during winter months due to poor window placement and lighting, we can help. In this post, our Window World Twin Cities window replacement contractors talk about some ways our window designs can brighten up your interior living space and let the sunshine in.


Here are a few of our favorite strategies for brightening up your space:


1.      A Room With a View

When you look at your room’s windows, you might not realize how dramatically a simple step like altering the type of window can impact a room. If your room faces an attractive outdoor view, adding a panoramic window option can open up your living space while adding a beautiful view you’ll love to take in all year long. There’s nothing quite like sitting in front of a large picture window and watching the leaves fall in the autumn or the snow pile up on a blustery winter day.


We can expand the frame of your window and add an attractive window view to almost any space in your home. There are also several options to choose from if you’re looking for a way to open up your space to an outdoor vista. Consider adding a bow window, bay window, casement window, or even a picture window to your space.


2.      Smaller Windows Used Creatively

When it comes to brightening up the space in your room, in most cases, the only limitations are your imagination. One of our favorite ways homeowners choose to add light to their living space is through the creative use of smaller windows. This is an ideal solution for adding sunlight to smaller rooms in your home.


If you can’t fit a picture window in a small bedroom, try carefully placing smaller windows in strategic locations. Because we work with windows all year long, we understand the relationship between window placement and natural interior lighting. We can help you create a perfect solution for your bedroom or bathroom by combining or strategically placing smaller windows throughout the space.

3.      Strategic Layout in Larger Rooms

Just as smaller windows can be combined and spread out throughout smaller rooms to create additional lighting, larger windows can be used in much the same way. Sometimes adding better lighting to a living space is not about adding bigger windows or more windows. It’s simply about putting them in the right place. After all, the sunlight hits from different directions at different times of the day.


Depending on the direction your room faces and the type of room, we can work with you to help you design a window layout that brightens up your room by spreading out your windows. This approach works particularly well when combined with taller, wider double-hung windows in a living room or bedrooms.


4.      Garden Window for the Kitchen

Your kitchen should be a sunny and warm space where memories are made and family often gathers throughout the day to catch up. Having a dark kitchen can set your mornings off to a dreary start, while a bright, sunny kitchen is the perfect space for sharing coffee and touching base with your loved ones each day before setting off.


If your kitchen is darker than you wish it was, don’t settle for simply bringing in more artificial lighting, which can take the warmth right out of a kitchen or living space. Instead, consider adding a garden window where you can grow your favorite kitchen herbs. Not only will you enjoy better lighting in your kitchen, but you’ll also have a spot to grow your favorite seasonings.


5.      Brighter Basement

A basement can be one of the most troubling areas in a home when it comes to natural lighting. They’re often a bit of an afterthought where most homeowners don’t spend too much time. When you do need to use your basement, though, you need all the natural light you can get.


Egress windows are a specially designed window solution meant for basements. They’re designed to function as an emergency exit, hence the term “egress.” We offer customized egress window designs so you can add additional windows to your basement level without sacrificing good taste.


6.      Bright and Sunny Doors

When you think of ways to brighten up the interior of your home, don’t overlook your doors. Replacing your entry doors and patio doors can profoundly impact the brightness level in your living room or dining area.


Adding a set of beautiful French doors leading from your master bedroom to your patio can give you a private escape. Or consider adding a customized entry door with smaller windows around it to brighten up your entryway.


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If your home is feeling a little underlit, don’t spend another winter in the dark. Our window replacement team at Window World Twin Cities can help you create a unique design that suits your home’s architectural style and creates light where you need it.


We offer a wide range of solutions and customization options for your new high-performance windows and doors. You can also design and visualize your window ideas by visiting our Design Center on the web. When you’re ready to speak to a member of our Window World Twin Cities window installation team, call us at 651.770.5570, or contact our window installers to learn more about our window solutions.

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