Autumn is finally here, and that means beautiful falling leaves in red, orange, and gold are beginning to fall from trees and cover the ground. They’re also collecting on Minnesota roofs and in our rain gutters. Although they’re beautiful to look at, it’s easy to miss the damage this marvel of nature can do to your home’s roof, gutters, foundation, and siding by forming gutter clogs.


Preventing gutter clogs is key to protecting your roof from ice dams and keeping water away from your home, but cleaning your gutters can be both time-consuming and dangerous. At Window World Twin Cities, we offer the perfect solution for homeowners’ gutter problems. In this blog article, our gutter repair and replacement team breaks down everything you need to know about protecting your home with LeafProof gutter covers.


How Gutters Protect Your Home

Rain gutters are one of those things that it can be easy to overlook entirely unless a problem arises. But in reality, your home’s gutters are its unsung heroes. Rain gutters divert water from your roof and away from your home. Without them, water would pool around your home, causing topsoil erosion and foundation damage over time. It would also collect in your basement, leading to mildew and mold growth that can be hazardous to your family’s health and damage your belongings.


Rain gutters also prevent ice dams from forming during Minnesota’s many freeze and thaw cycles each fall and spring. When ice dams form, they can end up causing significant damage to your roof as well as water infiltration inside your home’s interior.


Seamless Rain Gutter Protection

Seamless rain gutters are an ideal low-maintenance rain gutter solution. With seamless rain gutters from Window World, you never have to worry about broken joints and constant damage to your gutters. Unlike traditional gutters, seamless rain gutter designs don’t rust, drip, or leak.


We use a mobile gutter machine to customize your gutters so they are perfectly fitted to your home. They come in twelve different colors of baked-on enamel paint to match your home’s fascia, so you never have to worry about repainting them. Your downspout color will match your home’s siding, which means everything will blend perfectly.


Here are a few more benefits of seamless gutters:


●        Five-year guarantee on installation

●        Hangers are hidden and invisible from the ground

●        Rain diverters for the roof valley are included


Keeping Your Gutters Clean

Once you’ve chosen and installed your custom gutters, you’ll need to keep debris out. If leaves and debris are allowed to collect in your gutters, they can form a clog, which can cause water to overflow and end up rerouted directly to the ground. This can end up creating many of the same problems your gutter system is meant to avoid. Additionally, water can end up underneath your roofing shingles, causing damage to your roof and shortening its lifespan.


LeafProof gutters are a gutter cover solutions that prevent debris and leaves from collecting in your rain gutters so you never have to worry about cleaning them. They work by covering the gutter and controlling the water flow within your gutters.


How LeafProof Gutters Work

LeafProof gutters work by keeping leaves out of your gutter using a gutter cover with S-bend technology. This technology allows the gutter cover’s surface to follow the line of the roof, controlling the speed and flow of the water. These gutter covers are meant to cover the entire channel system of your gutters extending around your home.


LeafProof gutters work by directing water to flow to the gutter’s front. This reduces the overall speed of the water, protecting your roof and home in the process. It also saves you money on gutter repair and gutter cleaning.


Gutter covers are designed to protect your home in several ways:


●        Directly channeling rain into gutters no matter how heavy the rain

●        Eliminating moisture damage to siding and roof edge

●        Preventing debris and leaves from entering your gutter system

●        Preventing foundation, window, and siding damage

●        Preventing damage to overhangs

●        Keeps wildlife from making a home in your gutters


Design Benefits of LeafProof Gutter Covers

Like our seamless gutter designs, our LeafProof gutter covers are meant to flawlessly blend with the color and design of your existing gutters. They’re available in 11 different colors so they won’t stand out against your home’s exterior like the rain gutters of yesterday.


LeafProof gutter covers work with any roofing system due to their flexibility and adapt to the pitch and slope of your roof. Our high-performance gutter covers are manufactured with thick aluminum for greater durability over time. They also come with a limited lifetime warranty.


Contact our Minnesota Gutter Installation Team

If you’re tired of climbing a ladder to clean leaves out of your gutter, don’t spend another fall doing that hazardous task. Contact our gutter installation team to get your LeafProof gutter covers today. And don’t forget to ask us about our Gutter Tune-Up special. For a low additional fee, we can tune up your home’s existing gutters when you order an additional gutter.


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