Your home’s gutters are one of those things that you most likely don’t put a lot of thought into until something goes wrong with them. When you’re inside during the winter, you see them even less than you do during the warm summer months, but ironically, winter is usually the time when they need attention.

The goal of your home’s gutter canal system and downspouts is to keep water from infiltrating your home, particularly around its foundation and structure. When your gutter system isn’t working properly, water can pool around the foundation and cause serious damage. The beauty of snow and icicles often obscures the fact that this water can cause real damage inside your home. In this post, our rain gutter professionals at Window World Twin Cities talk about simple preventative measures to keep your gutters functioning properly and protect your home.

Protecting Your Home

Snow is beautiful when it falls on rooftops and blankets our lawns, but ultimately, it is a form of water, and water can cause serious damage to your home. When the snow or ice on your roof becomes heated and melts rapidly, it can end up running to the edge of your roof, where it forms ice dams. It can also end up pooling around your home’s foundation and then freezing once more, wreaking havoc on your home’s structure.

Even if it doesn’t refreeze, all of that moisture can infiltrate your home’s walls and siding, which causes staining and mold. That’s why your home’s gutter system performs such an important function when it comes to protecting your home.

Here are a few simple steps you can take to protect your home from water and ice damage:

1.      Keep Your Gutters Clean

One of the most important steps you can take to help your gutter system do its job is to keep your gutters clear of debris, twigs, and leaves. Autumn can bring all kinds of debris, which can easily cause a clog in your canal system. A clogged gutter will cause water to run over your gutters into the wrong space when the water is diverted from the downspout. It can also provide a welcome habitat for small critters. Be sure to clean your gutter systems and make sure they are flowing freely before the first freeze of the season.

2.      Keep an Eye Out for Damage

If you see any signs of water damage to your home’s fascia, siding, or foundation, it may be a sign that there’s a problem with your gutter system. Look for any evidence of stains on your siding. If you see any rotting or mold, that’s also a sign of water damage and may indicate a gutter leak or clog. You need to immediately identify the source of the water infiltration and determine what is causing the problem. If you’re not certain, our gutter installation and repair experts at Window World can help you make the correct diagnosis and offer professional recommendations.

3.      Check Your Gutter System’s Anchors and Seams

A great way to get a feel for how well your gutter system is performing is to simply take a walk around your home and visually inspect it. If you see any areas where your gutters are not attached properly to your home, they need to be repaired right away.

You should also be on the lookout for anchors that are broken, cracked, or missing. Rusted and bent components are also a bad sign. Finally, there should be no existing gaps between the fascia or gutter system. Any water that filters down, as a result, can end up causing problems that could become quite costly. Consider installing a seamless gutter system to prevent problems with gutter seams.

4.      Inspect Your Downspouts

The purpose of your gutter downspouts is to send water away from your home. If your downspouts are failing to redirect water from your home by at least several feet, you are at risk of water damage. You may also end up with a flooded basement or foundation problems. This is particularly true for homes with a slope toward the home rather than a downward slope away from your house.

Seamless Gutter Systems from Window World Twin Cities

If you’re ready for gutter replacement, consider installing our seamless gutter system. With a seamless gutter system, the days of leaks and drips from damaged rain gutters will be a thing of the past. Our gutters are available in 12 colors to match the look of your home. Baked on enamel paint means you’ll never have to worry about repainting them. Our systems come with hidden hangers that are invisible from the ground as well as free rain diverters. And every gutter system comes with a five-year installation guarantee.

Leafproof Gutter Covers

In addition to seamless gutters, we also offer leaf proof gutter covers, so you never have to worry about cleaning out your gutters again. Our leaf proof covers blend in with your existing gutters. With this system, leaves and debris will never enter your gutter system where they can cause clogs and serve as habitats for small animals. They also come with a lifetime material warranty and adapt to the pitch of your roof.

Contact our Minnesota Leafless Gutter Installation Team

No one wants to climb up a shaky ladder in the frigid Minnesota winters to clear out their rain gutters. With our complete gutter system, those days can become a thing of the past.

At Window World Twin Cities, our team can help you assess the health of your gutter system and make recommendations to protect your home and save you money for years to come. Connect with a member of our gutter installation team to learn about our options, or call us at 651-770-5570. You can also contact us on the web to learn more.

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