There’s nothing quite like the excitement of purchasing a new home. After all the time and energy you spent looking for the right place to plant your flag, you’ve finally found the perfect location and the right floor plan for your family, all within your budget. Moving your belongings into the home and putting your art and decor exactly as you want can be thrilling. In all of the excitement, it’s a good idea to consider whether your siding or windows should be updated.

At Window World Twin Cities, we work with homeowners to help them create the perfect space to put down roots while adding to their home’s long-term resale value. In this post, we’ll discuss how winter’s cold temperatures and precipitation can impact your windows and siding, and we offer our recommendations for updates.

Updates to Your Home

If you’re like most homebuyers, you probably think of updates as something to be done after you’ve lived in a home for many years. However, there are plenty of reasons to consider updating your home whether you’ve just moved in or have lived there for decades. Updates to your home can be a great way to gradually increase its value so you aren’t overwhelmed with expenses when you’re ready to sell down the road.

They can also help to lower your energy costs and make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. Updating your siding and windows can dramatically impact your overall value and efficiency, which it an ideal remodeling project to take on.

Updating Your Home’s Insulation

Here in the Twin Cities area, our energy bills can be a direct reflection of the extreme winter temperatures in our region. In an older home in need of updates, those utility bills can be quite costly. If your HVAC system is running hard and your bills are high, that also means you’re pushing your system to its limits, adding up to more system maintenance and repairs.

One of the best ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency is by updating your insulation. However, this is a sizeable and time-consuming project that most homeowners want to avoid unless it’s absolutely necessary. A better approach to insulation deficiencies is to locate the source of drafts and make appropriate updates as needed.

Adding to Your Home’s Insulation With Vinyl Siding Installation

Minnesota residents can benefit greatly from siding updates to create a better first line of defense against the extreme temperatures we experience in winter. Older siding does not perform as well as newer vinyl siding. Replacement vinyl siding helps create a thermal envelope around your home, sealing in the warm air during the frigid winter weather.

Replacing your siding adds to your home’s interior comfort level while helping reduce your energy costs. It can also create better curb appeal, which adds to the look of your home and can increase its value. That’s why replacement vinyl siding is one of the best investments you can make when you’re updating your home.

Say Goodbye to Poor Window Performance

There are many regions of the country where aging windows might go unnoticed for a long time. Minnesota is not located in one of those regions thanks to our cold and lengthy winters. When the temperature drops each winter, every weakness in your outdated windows can quickly become the source of a cold spot, which can create uneven temperatures in your home. This can cause your heating bill to skyrocket and have your family reaching for their coziest winter sweaters when they should be comfortable indoors.

These are a few of the most common winter window problems:

●        Difficulty sliding windows open and closed

●        Noticeable drafts near your windows

●        Damaged seals

Benefits of Updated Windows

Updating your home’s windows with one of our replacement window options offers many advantages. Older windows make an inviting target for criminals looking for an easy score, whereas newer windows are more difficult to open, causing burglars to move on to easier prey. 

Because newer windows are easier to open, you’ll be more likely to enjoy the fresh air when the weather is moderate. You’ll also be far more comfortable on days when the weather is extremely hot or cold.

Here are a few benefits of choosing Window World windows for your home:

●        Easy-to-clean vinyl windows

●        22 layer weatherstripping

●        Double-strength glass

●        Steel reinforcement 

Twin Cities Vinyl Siding and Replacement Windows Installation Team

Is it time to winterize your home with new window options and replacement siding? Let our professional contractors at Window World Twin Cities assess your home’s energy needs and help you decide which updates offer the best ROI.

From our ENERGY STAR Qualified SolarZone insulated glass package to our insulated wall systems, we offer a wide range of solutions to reduce your energy costs. Speak to a member of our window and siding installation team to get a free estimate or call us at 651-770-5570. You can also contact us online to discuss which new window options will work best for your home.

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