When you think of French doors, you probably think of style and elegance. French doors are universally beloved and bring a much-needed beauty to homes of all styles from Craftsman bungalows to ranch homes. Most of us associate French doors with the architectural look they bring to a home, but did you know they’re more than just a pretty face?

At Window World Twin Cities, our team of home improvement contractors offers a wide range of home improvement solutions from replacement windows to beautiful doors. We love working with homeowners to help create elevated looks that add to their home’s value. In this blog entry, we’ll talk about how the value of French doors goes way beyond their look.

The Beauty of French Doors

A French door is typically a type of door constructed using glass panes, which extend over its entire length. You may also hear French doors referred to as French windows. Technically, they function as both doors and windows and are ordinarily integrated into both interior and exterior spaces due to their high level of versatility. French doors tend to be manufactured using light construction, and due to their simplicity and light, they can completely change the interior look of a home. They’re especially useful for opening up a space and making better use of a home’s existing natural light.

Here are a few more reasons to love French doors:

1.      They Make Beautiful Transitions.

Few things transform an interior space like a beautiful view to the outdoors. French doors make excellent transition pieces because they can functionally extend the space in a room.

If the weather is warm, French doors serve to blend temperatures between the exterior and interior. French doors can also create a feeling of uniformity when installed near an exterior living space such as a garden or patio.

2.      They Function as a Door and Window.

French doors perform double duty in your home design. A set of beautiful French doors allows you to maximize your use of lighting within your home’s interior space. That’s because French doors offer the visual functionality of windows, allowing a vista into your lawn and landscape.

But unlike windows, French doors serve as an entry point for your family or guests. If you’re looking for a way to bring light into a living space, French doors may dramatically transform that space.

3.      Your Energy Costs May Be Lower.

Most homeowners are guilty of underestimating the costs of a weak thermal envelope around their home. Your thermal envelope is the layer of protection that keeps heat from escaping during the cold months and keeps your energy costs down. During the cool months, a powerful thermal envelope can keep your home cooler inside by preventing heat from entering your home.

If your home is drafty or has cold spots or you’ve got higher bills than expected, replacing your doors with high-performance French doors can mean the difference in higher comfort levels year-round. This keeps your costs down and even reduces the impact on your HVAC system.

4.      They’re Easy to Install and Maintain.

Traditional doors can require quite a bit of maintenance over the years. From wood repair to peeling, chipping, and stained paint, wood doors can require a good deal of attention as time goes by.

French doors require far less maintenance because they’ll never need to be painted and can be easily cleaned. They can also be installed quickly and easily. For homeowners seeking a simple, comfortable style, French doors offer a high level of value for the investment.

5.      Window World French Doors are Durable

Like sliding glass doors and glass patio doors, Window World French doors are manufactured using materials rated for high security and resistance to breaking. French doors are created using protection-grade glass rated to withstand hurricane-speed wind gusts.

This higher level of resistance to breaking means your home will be protected during some of the worst storms. It also makes breaking and entering much more difficult, which means criminals are more likely to move on to easier targets.

Contact Your Twin Cities Replacement Windows Pros For French Door Installation

With impressive durability and beautiful style options, French doors add value to your home with a simple and fast installation. If you’re looking for a way to shed a little light on your living space, consider replacing your doors with elegant French doors from Window World of Minnesota. We also offer opaque glass solutions so you can enjoy the benefit of filtered sunlight without compromising your family’s privacy.

If you’re looking for a way to elevate the look of your backyard space or patio, speak with our window installation team to get French doors installed. Visit our Window Showcase and Design Center to see our wide selection of replacement windows and doors for your home.

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