It’s easy to see why homeowners are drawn to window replacement for their homes. Replacement windows can make a home much more comfortable and help with your monthly energy savings.

But if you own investment properties, you may not have considered window replacement. After all, the goal when flipping a property is usually to keep costs to a minimum while maximizing profits. But when an expense pays off in dividends, it’s worth considering. In this blog post, our Window World Twin Cities, our home improvement contractors talk about how replacement windows for an investment home can pay off.

Investing in Your Investment

Whether you’re a first-time investor or you’re a full-time home flipper, you want your investment to pay off as much as possible. It’s important to weigh any money you put into that investment against the value you’ll get in the sale. That’s why replacement windows are one of the best investments you can make when you’re preparing a home to place on the market.

New windows can change the way buyers view your home. This helps you to sell faster without reducing the asking price of a home.

Adding to a Home’s Value

If you’re selling a home as-is, this can impact the asking price. If a home has many older or outdated windows that require repair to function properly, potential buyers will notice. Although new windows are often less obvious, potential buyers will notice that a home looked beautiful and everything worked smoothly.

Although some buyers will enjoy purchasing a fixer-upper, chances are good you’ll end up having to knock down the cost, which is part of the appeal for many buyers. However, many families would prefer to be able to move in with as little effort as possible so they can quickly get back to the business of their lives after a move.

Adding to a Home’s Curb Appeal

When you’re in the process of selling a home, adding to a home’s curb appeal is one of the biggest concerns. This phrase refers to the feeling people get when they drive by or approach a home. If they’re impressed and enjoy what they see, you’ve done your job.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, which is why it’s important to look at curb appeal like your resume in a job interview. If potential buyers don’t like what they see, they may drive past without stopping to view the inside of a home. You want to do everything you can to get them in the door, and few things add to a home’s curb appeal like bright, gleaming new windows that fit the home’s architectural style.

Using Your Windows as a Promotion

At Window World, we often work with investors. One common approach investors take is to advertise a home as move-in ready. When home buyers have sold their home or moved from another location, they usually desire someplace they can move into as quickly as possible.

This keeps their family from having to stay at temporary lodgings such as a hotel or with family, saving them money and hassle. When two comparable choices on the table include a move-in ready home, most home buyers will be tempted by the easier option. This is also helpful to landlord investors looking at your home to rent to tenants.

Sending the Right Message

New windows show potential buyers that your house wasn’t merely thrown on the market but has been lovingly attended to. That tells them that you’ve done more than just the bare minimum and implies that they’re making a good investment without having to look too deeply into the home.

In other words, they know you probably didn’t cut corners in order to make a fast buck. No one wants to move into a home only to learn that it has serious problems down the road, and new windows send a visual message that you’ve cared for your investment.

Choosing Windows That Add to Your Investment

Once you’ve decided to install new windows, you’ll need to choose which replacement windows you wish to install. Window World windows are a cut above the competition for a number of reasons. Our windows use the maximum glass space compared to most windows on the market, integrating double-strength glass and constant force for maximum performance. Precision-finished welded corners and 22 layers of weatherstripping add to their overall value and durability.

Choose from a wide range of window styles:

●        Sliding windows

●        Bay and bow windows

●        Double-hung windows

●        Casement windows

●        And more

Get Financing for Your Twin Cities Investment in New Home Windows

Maximize your investment by installing new home windows on your property. New windows are one of the few investments in a home that easily pay for themselves. With financing options available from Window World Twin Cities, increasing the value of your investment is easier than ever.

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