Good windows are much more than just a means to a room with a view. During the spring, your windows let in a waft of fresh springtime air. During the summer, windows open up a stuffy, hot space and invite the cool breeze into your home. They also protect us during storms and keep out rain. But it’s during the winter that our windows are truly put to the test.

At Window World Twin Cities, we specialize in replacement windows for Twin Cities homes. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the importance of installing windows that stand up to the test of winter while keeping your energy costs down.

How Windows Help Insulate Your Home

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is by failing to make sure their windows are adequately sealed. If your windows are not sealed properly during the installation process, this can lead to a draft in your home that you don’t notice until it’s cold outside. This can cause your monthly heating bills to climb while it leaves your family reaching for their blankets and hats.

That’s because windows function as part of your home’s insulation system, forming a thermal envelope around your home that helps maintain your home’s temperature inside. The inert gas inside double pane windows helps to keep the warm air inside your home instead of letting the cold weather in. Unfortunately, over time, most homes begin to settle, which can cause windows to lose their layer of insulation.

Here are a few signs your windows aren’t functioning at their optimal level of efficiency:

●        Broken glass

●        Moisture inside glass or on pane

●        Failure to latch smoothly

●        Cold spots in your living space

Lighting Your Winter Home

In the summer, lighting inside most homes isn’t usually a problem. But even in homes that typically have great lighting, winter can mean darker days inside. Well-designed windows are meant to allow natural lighting and views. That adds up to lower energy bills and a reduced environmental footprint. When your home is unusually dark during the winter, you may benefit from replacing your windows with a brighter solution or changing their location.

Popular Window Designs for Winter Lighting

If your concept of windows is the standard double-pane option, you may be surprised to learn how many styles and designs are available. Changing the style of window used in a room can completely alter the feel of the interior space.

Here are a few popular applications you may have overlooked:

●        Glass Block Windows- Glass block windows allow an added level of privacy but still let light into a room. These make a great solution for a darker area of your home where you’ve resisted adding a window due to privacy concerns. They can also work well inside your home and are especially popular in showers and bathrooms.

●        Sliding Windows- If you’re looking for a way to open up a space with lots of light, consider adding a sliding window. These windows can brighten up a room without drawing too much attention.

●        Bow Windows and Bay Windows- Both of these stunning window solutions can completely change the look of a room. They function as a focal point that hearkens to traditional elegance. Bay and bow windows are traditionally associated with older homes, but they can be stunning in any style of architecture.

●        Egress Windows- If your basement or lower level is far too dark during the winter months, consider brightening up the space by adding egress windows. These types of windows also create an emergency exit in areas that may be blocked from the rest of the home.

Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

When your windows are in need of maintenance or they were constructed poorly to begin with, it does more than creating a less comfortable temperature in your home. It can also cause your energy bills to be too high. By replacing your windows now, you’ll be protecting your home for years to come.

Window World windows use computer-controlled manufacturing to give your window a perfectly square sash and create frame durability and strength. With a full interlock at the meeting rail, you’ll get an added layer of protection against those blistering winter winds. Finally, insulation in the glass creates a powerful barrier by trapping dry air.

Contact Your Trusted Twin Cities Source for Replacement Windows

Installing replacement windows adds value to your home while it creates a more comfortable, beautiful living space. Give your family the view they’ll love while protecting your investment. With a wide range of style options to suit every home, we can help you create the ideal look for your living space.

Check out our Window Showcase and visit our Design Center to learn more about design options for your new windows. Call and speak to a member of our Window World Twin Cities team at 651.770.5570, or contact our window experts to discuss your window replacement needs.

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