Many homeowners prefer siding to cover their home’s exterior due to its sleek and finished look as well as the low cost of maintenance and lasting durability. Sadly, like so many other things home related many of those homeowners feel it is a project worth tackling themselves. If you feel such a project is one to take upon yourself, the following bits of advice and warning are for you.

At Window World Twin Cities, our experienced siding installation team can help you get the beautiful exterior you’re hoping for with professional expertise to back up every job. In this blog entry, we’ll talk about taking on your own DIY siding project and break down some of the things that can go wrong when you do it yourself.

The Pitfalls of DIY Projects

In the age of YouTube, the Internet offers a neverending library of DIY tutorials. But some jobs are best left to the professionals, especially when the consequences of a mistake can be quite costly.

Here are a few ways a DIY siding approach can fall short of the quality you get with a professional installation:

1.   DIY Installers May Damage Costly Materials.

When installed correctly, vinyl siding can be an attractive option for many homes. Installed poorly, it is prone to cracks throughout. Knowing the best techniques for a good installation comes from years of professional experience working with the material. Damage can arise from mishandling a material, but even nailing your siding too hard can cause headaches, resulting in wasted time and money trying to get ithe job done right.

2.   Siding Should Match Your Climate.

The budget should not be the sole consideration in choosing the right product. Siding needs can differ in hot, cold, and temperate climates. Minnesota experiences brutal winters in contrast with its often warm summer months.

Not only can the harsh winter weather be tough on your siding, but the extreme changes in temperature can also affect its performance as well. An experienced professional can help you choose the right siding for the job and understand how the weather will impact the need for siding repairs down the road.   

3.   Serious Problems Can Be Overlooked by a Novice.

Even when a completed job looks perfect, it can still have problems that won’t be discovered immediately. If the fitment isn’t correct, moisture may accumulate under the vinyl, causing mold and wood rot slowly over time. This can be especially dangerous as mold can be a health hazard and may not be discovered until the problem is out of control. Moldy and rotten wood hidden behind faulty vinyl installation can lead to costs that far outweigh the savings you might have pocketed by doing it yourself.

4.   Successful Installations Require Experience

Inexperienced installers have many opportunities to make mistakes that come with expensive consequences. Working in the industry, training as apprentices, and keeping up with suppliers and new products provide insight and experience that no typical homeowner can acquire in a few weekends.

Seasoned installers know how to overlap siding pieces so that they will stay together and provide protection from the elements. Even something as simple as how deep to drive the nails can make a crucial difference. Failing to use the proper techniques can result in cracking, warping, and siding falling completely off the house, all leading to unsightly home exteriors and possible insurance issues. Simply put, there are too many hazards associated with a job of this scale for amateurs.

Deciding If It’s the Right Time for New Siding

A professional siding installer can also help you determine if you need to replace your siding or simply repair it. By hiring a professional siding installation contractor, you’ll get an expert opinion. We’ll help you identify visible signs that may indicate your siding might need to be replaced.

We’ll look first for visible damage that is clearly beyond repair, as putting off siding replacement in these cases can lead to significant damage inside your home. In addition to water infiltration and water damage, you can end up with mold and mildew growing in your home.

Other Reasons to Replace Your Siding

Even if your siding isn’t significantly damaged, many homes can greatly benefit from the cosmetic upgrade afforded by replacement siding. Replacing the siding on your home can create a completely new look. If you’re thinking of selling your home, this is a great way to add curb appeal and increase your return on investment. In addition, many older homes have outdated siding material that may need to be replaced with newer, more modern material like vinyl siding.

Get Beautiful Twin Cities Siding From a Trusted Professional

If your home needs new siding, don’t reach for the hammer and nails and try to take on such a daunting project yourself. With the help of professionals, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with experience, certification, and a solid warranty.

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