Spring is the perfect time of year for taking on much-needed home improvement projects and checking items off of your to-do list. With all of the extra time most of us have spent at home lately, you may be putting more thought into the appearance and performance of your windows than you have in a while. If you’re looking for a simple home improvement project that can dramatically improve your home’s exterior and help with your energy costs, windows are a good start.

At Window World Twin Cities, our expert replacement window team works with homeowners across Minneapolis, St. Cloud, and St. Paul to give the best window installation in the region. In this post, we’ll share our best advice for choosing a professional window contractor for your next window project.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Contractor

The professionalism and experience level of your window installation contractor can directly impact the long-term performance of your windows. That’s why it’s important to be sure the window replacement team you hire has the reputation, skill, and experience to do the job right so you won’t have any trouble down the road.

It might be tempting to save a few bucks and hire someone you found advertised online without putting much thought into their credibility. But saving a little money on a quote that seems too good to be true can end up costing you more down the road. Instead of jumping right in, follow this advice to make sure you’re hiring the right people for the job.

A Professional Consultation

A good window contractor will be able to carve out some time for a professional consultation and offer a free quote with no obligation. Take a look at the contractor’s website for clues, and if you can’t find what you need online, be sure to ask these questions during your consultation:

1. Are There Testimonials Available From Past Clients?

Nothing speaks to the credibility and workmanship of a window installation contractor like the testimonials of their past customers. We’ve all stumbled across the odd restaurant or store with negative reviews on the web.

But what if they have no reviews? Sometimes when a questionable contractor has had a run of bad reviews in the past, they will change the name of their business or delete reviews. An experienced contractor you can trust will proudly share their reviews on their website like these reviews from our satisfied Window World customers.

2. How Professional Is Their Web Presence?

It’s a common trick for a less reputable contractor who isn’t fully licensed to use a phony address on their Google listings. If you’re considering a contractor and you can’t find their website, it’s not a good sign.

If they do have a web presence, make sure it’s more than just a single page, has lots of error-free information, and is professionally produced. You should also be able to easily identify their main areas of service, the types of services they offer, and more than one way to reach them.

3. Have They Been in Business Very Long?

The longer a company has been in business, the better its proven track record of successful window installation projects. Experienced contractors will understand best practices for safety and stay up-to-date on the latest industry innovations and standards.

They’ll also have the benefit of understanding nuance on window installation when they encounter a unique window or home. Window World has been in business since 1995 and today, it’s one of the largest window replacement companies in the nation.

4. What Options Are Available?

Unlike an amateur contractor, a professional window installation contractor will offer a dedicated line of products complete with warranties. At Window World, you can check out all of our windows online and use our Window Visualizer to see how they will look on your home.

We offer a wide selection of windows including double-hung windows, casement windows, sliding windows, bay and bow windows, and more. All of our windows are available in a wide range of colors and styles to complete the look of any home.

5. What Other Kinds of Work Do They Do?

A red flag among amateur contractors is that they’ll usually take any job that comes their way rather than specializing in window and door installation. If a contractor tells you they can also trim your trees while they’re on the job, it’s better to move on and find someone whose main focus is home improvement contracting. 

6. Do They Have Recognition in the Industry?

Well-established, experienced window contractors will likely have good standing in their industry. They will be able to tell you about any awards or recognition they’ve received in their field. You can usually find this information on their website or you can reach out to learn more about any accolades or professional organizations they belong to.

Benefits Of Working With Window World Twin Cities

If you're’ still trying to find a reliable, high-quality window contractor for your Twin Cities projet, reach out to Window World Twin Cities today to learn more about our experience and commitment to customer satisfaction.With us, you can trust you’re getting:

Free Estimates

We want to make things simple and straightforward for you. So, you can get a free estimate for any of our window replacement or installation projects.You’ll never wind up with a big surprise, and we will keep you posted about costs during the process.

A Good Housekeeping Recognized Company

When looking for window contractors, knowing the company is backed by expert opinion is key. We have been recognized by many organizations, including Good Housekeeping.To learn more about our awards and experience, reach out today.

A JD Power #1 Ranking

We were ranked #1 in the country by J.D. Power because of our high-quality, American-made products and great customer service. So, with our “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Window and Patio Doors Retailers” recognition, you know you can trust our experience and commitment to you.

Strong Warranty

At Window World Twin Cities, we stand behind our team members and their quality of work, and we also stand by our products. We only use the highest-quality materials, and we continually strive to use the best installation techniques in the industry. So, we are always proud to offer strong, secure warranties to all of our clients.

Contact a Licensed Twin Cities Window Replacement Professional

If you’re in the market for new windows, make sure you hire someone you can trust. Once you’ve checked out their website and spoken to a member of their team, be sure to get a complete estimate on your project.

At Window World Twin Cities, we offer licensed, professional window installation service. To learn more about our options, check out our Window Showcase. For an on-phone estimate, call our Window World Twin Cities siding installation contractors at 651.770.5570, or contact us on the web to learn about our replacement window options today.

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