Although first impressions aren’t everything, they’re still very important when it comes to impressing potential buyers for your home. If you’re having trouble getting buyers on the line and it’s been a while since you listed your home, it may be time to start thinking about boosting its curb appeal. 

Curb appeal gets buyers to your home so they can imagine themselves as homeowners in their new place. Choosing the right replacement siding, windows, and entry door can all make that great first impression that takes your home from listed to sold. 

In this Window World Twin Cities post, we’ll share ideas for creating curb appeal to attract buyers. Call us when you’re ready to list your home for a free quote on your curb appeal makeover!

Follow these steps to create a first impression that will catch their attention.

Transform Your Front Entry 

Main Door

Whether you’re driving by a house or visiting a friend for the first time, chances are the first thing you notice is the presentation of the entry door. When you think of a beautiful, well-appointed home without realizing it, you probably imagine an attractive front door flanked with plants and a neat landscape. The psychological impact of an attractive entry door cannot be overstated. 

Consider a replacement entry door with decorative glass or grids to maximize the wow factor. Next, add side lights or a transom window to create a grand feel to your entryway door. Beautiful hardware and wood stains complete the look, inviting potential buyers to come inside and make themselves at home. 

Choose from one of these great hardware options:

  • Brushed nickel

  • Oil-rubbed bronze

  • Antique nickel

  • Polished chrome

  • Antique brass or brass

  • Black nickel

Enhance Natural Light With Replacement Windows

Windows are one of those home improvement projects that give you much more than you paid upfront as time passes. Replacement windows in a home add to its overall value and come with the promise of energy savings for the home’s next occupants. 

While the windows in a home might seem just fine, you may not realize how dramatically new windows can impact the appeal of a home until you’ve had them installed.

When replacing your windows, choose from interior wood grain and palette hues, including White, Almond, Natural Oak, Hillside Oak, and Colonial Cherry. 

Optional exterior colors include Almond, Cream, White, Bronze, Clay, Cocoa, Silver, Black, and Forest Green. 

Combine Different Window Styles for a Custom Design

From bay and bow windows to double hung, windows come in an array of styles. Consider combining window configurations to create a stunning wall of windows, or add grid lines for a look that leaves homeowners delighted. 

Start by learning more about common window options.

Double-Hung Windows

Double Hung

Three double-hung windows with transom windows above.

Double-hung windows are an extremely popular and aesthetically pleasing choice. These windows open vertically and have an upper and lower section. 

Double-hung windows are popular because they are great for ventilation and relatively easy to maintain. Hang them consecutively to create a custom window wall! 

Casement Windows

Casement windows have a hinge with a crank. They are made of one pane, and when you use the crank, the window extends outward to let in air. 

Casement windows are popular for their look, and having them on either side of a large bay window is common. 

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are similar to double-hung windows, except they open horizontally instead of vertically. They are one of the most energy-efficient options. 

Many of the top-quality window brands offer a glaze that helps with thermal insulation. 

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay Windows

Bay window.

Bay and bow windows are similar but do have some differences. A bay window is made up of three panes that are at an angle. This forms a bay that pushes outward from the home’s interior. This helps make a space feel larger and allows for natural light.

Bow windows are similar but in an arch shape instead of an angle. 

Bow Window

Bow window.

Awning Windows

An awning window is much like a casement window. In this case, the hinge cranks up and down instead of outward. 

Awning windows are popular on second and third stories because they are a good option to place higher up on walls. 

Update Your Siding 

Purchasing a home with traditional wood siding means committing to keeping up with what could add up to extensive ongoing maintenance costs over the years. On the other hand, quality high-performance vinyl siding will look just as good as the day it’s installed years from now. 

Vinyl siding from Window World Twin Cities is installed with double-thick nail hems and a special locking system to withstand the toughest weather, protecting a home from moisture and drafts. It won’t fade, chip, or peel over time and won’t need to be repainted. 

We can install smooth vinyl siding or wood-grain siding for the look of real wood. Choose from board and batten, shake, dutch lap, or several other siding profiles. 

Beautiful Siding Color Combination Ideas

Here are just a few siding colors you’ll have to choose from:

  • Light Neutrals: White, Desert Sand, Almond, Classic Cream

  • Beiges and Taupes: Wicker, Sandstone, Pebblestone Clay

  • Dark Neutrals: English Wedgwood, Quiet Willow

  • Warm Browns: Misty Shadow, Montana Shade, Autumn Harvest, Rugged Canyon

  • Bold Hues: Russet Red

When finding the right color combination for your siding, you can also keep some overall tips in mind. First of all, consider using contrast to highlight your home. For example, you could choose a light siding color if you have dark brick on the part of the home.

Secondly, you could consider dimensional color. This means choosing varying shades of similar colors to create a unique impact. 

Additional Home Upgrades to Consider

Besides updating your siding, windows, and entry door, look around your property and determine if anything else could use an update. Do you have any trees obstructing the view of your home from the street? What condition is your mailbox in? 

One area that’s often overlooked but could leave potential buyers with a negative impression is a home’s gutters. We can install seamless rain gutters and LeafProof gutter covers for a clean look that won’t require much maintenance. 

Our seamless gutters are available in 12 colors that blend beautifully with the look of your home. 

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