There’s nothing quite like a room with a view. A beautiful window allows you to fully enjoy the changing of the seasons from the comfort of your own living room. Whether you’re watching the snow fall with a delicious cup of coffee or taking in the sights of summer, our windows give us the best of both worlds. If you’ve got a beautiful lawn or you love the idea of warm sunlight streaming into your home, a window wall can bring the outdoors right into your home. But you don’t have to completely restructure your Twin Cities home to get a beautiful window wall with creative window solutions from Window World.

In this post, we’ll share some of our favorite ideas for getting the look of a window wall without having to knock down any walls in the process. Get inspired and then give us a call to order your beautiful new replacement windows from Window World.

Reasons to Love the Window Wall

Bright light floods a home with warmth and creates an upbeat feel inside a home. Large windows or a window wall connect us with the world outdoors even when we’re stuck inside with work or bad weather. And there’s nothing quite like a well-dressed window during the holiday season to welcome family and loved ones into your home.

There once was a time when window walls meant having to completely rebuild part of your home and could be an incredibly costly endeavor. But with today’s modern window solutions, there are plenty of ways to capture the essence of a window wall without having to knock down any walls in your home. The key is to work with an expert in new and replacement windows to help recommend window combinations and professionally install them.

Designing Your Window “Wall”

The first step to designing a wall of windows or getting the look of a window wall is to decide where to place it. An experienced replacement window contractor will be familiar with building codes to help you understand where windows can safely be installed. It’s also important to think about how many windows you add will look from the inside and outside of your home.

Choose a window design that works visually well with the other windows in the room as well as your home’s architectural style. It’s also important to think about furniture placement when deciding where to place a new window. Finally, consider the type of sun exposure you can expect with new window installation.

Choosing the Windows for Your Wall

Once you’ve decided where to place your new windows, you’ll need to decide on the type and configuration of your new windows. At Window World, we offer a wide selection of windows and can help recommend a combination that is well-suited to the style and look you’re going for. A wall of windows typically incorporates fixed windows used in combination with operable windows.

We can install the following types of windows:

●        Double-hung windows

●        Sliding windows

●        Casement windows

●        Bay windows

●        Bow windows

●        And more

Combining Your Windows

When deciding which combination of windows to use for your window wall, start by considering whether you want fixed or usable windows or a combination of the two. To check out a combination in action, stop by the Window World Design Center where you can experiment with different window designs including grids and frame colors.

Here are a few of our top ideas for creating your window wall:

1.   Bay or Bow Windows

Bay windows or bow windows are a classic way to get the look of a window wall. Bay windows can be configured with casement flankers or double-hung flankers. Four-lite or five-lite bows can be designed using casement or double-hung windows.

2.   Four-Lite Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are one of the most popular window styles available. A four-lite double-hung window gives you four times the view. Or combine your double-hung windows with a picture window for a clean, stunning vista to the world outside.

3.   Three-Lite Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are easy to operate and clean. Choose from a three-lite equal sliding window configuration or expand the view with a three-lite unequal sliding window combination.

4.   Five-Lite Casement

Casement windows operate on a hinge and swing open to let in the fresh air on a temperature weather day. Choose from four-lite casement windows or five-lite casement windows to combine form and function for your window wall.

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