If your Twin Cities home is low on lighting in the cooler months of the year, it might be time to add some windows that shed some light on the situation. Adding beautiful casement windows is one of the best ways to flood light into your space.

Casement windows are a simple, elegant, and aesthetically versatile option that can be combined with other windows to create beautiful window configurations. In this Window World Twin Cities post, we’ll share why casement windows are one of our favorite ways to bring light into a Minnesota home.

We will also review some of casement windows' benefits and unique features. Check out our ideas and call us for a free estimate on your new window installation!

The Beauty of Casement Windows

Casement windows are known for having a unique hinged design that remains as popular today as it was hundreds of years ago. They are often found either in a single window design or as a pair of casement windows with a single frame. Casement windows work using a type of crank or lever placed at the bottom of the window or at hand height.

Casement windows swing completely open in the same style as a door, allowing for maximum airflow and a complete view of the world outside. They remain popular today because they look great in a wide range of residential and commercial applications and provide plenty of fresh air and light.

Benefits of Casement Windows

If you love the idea of an easily opened window perfect for bringing in fresh air on a spring day, you should consider installing new casement windows. Here are just a few more reasons to consider casement window installation from Window World:

●        They come in various custom color design options like all Window World windows.

●        They offer a tight seal that makes them highly efficient and more comfortable during the colder winter months.

●        They’re easy to clean both inside and out.

●        Newer models feature innovative casement locks installed within their frames, giving your windows and home added security protection.

Extra security, more energy-efficient, and a wide array of design variations and architectural options — what more could you ask for?

Another overlooked benefit of casement windows is how well they work with other window designs currently installed in your home, like double-hung windows, awning windows, slider windows, and picture windows.

No matter what other window designs your home currently has installed, casement windows will be sure to accommodate them perfectly and even accentuate your house’s aesthetics and appearance.

History of Casement Windows

Casement windows have been around since the Georgian Era, the period during the 1700s in which the Hanover Kings named George reigned in the United Kingdom. Before casement windows first appeared, mullion windows, windows divided into smaller panes, were the main type of window found in Europe and the American colonies.

Casement windows were originally manufactured by blacksmiths who crafted them using iron and glass. Because glass was difficult to work with and less common, window panes tended to be quite small. A typical window during this period would have consisted of six panes attached together with lead strips. Early casement windows opened inward, whereas today’s windows open either inward or outward.

It wasn’t until the 1800s that frame manufacturing shifted to wood, particularly oak, with lead strips replaced by glazing bars. During this period, window technology improved significantly with the invention of rabbets for easier glass pane insertion. Panes themselves would have been held together using putty.

Features of Casement Windows

Casement windows are perfect for bringing fresh air into a Twin Cities home. Casement windows turn with a crank, allowing you to easily open your window and ventilate your home without compromising security. They’re the perfect solution for adding airflow whether it’s warm or cool outside.

Here are a few features of our Window World casement windows:

●        Reinforced locking mechanisms for extra security.

●        Powerful seal with triple weatherstripping.

●        Duralite warm-edge spacer systems with dual-pane insulating glass.

●        Beveled design.

●        90-degree hinge capability for easier cleaning.

SolarZone Package

Add a SolarZone insulated glass package to help save on monthly energy costs and keep your home warmer and more comfortable all year.

During the hot summer months, you’ll enjoy a reduction in solar heat gain and glare inside your home while the glass temperature stays cooler, aiding in AC costs.

During the cold winter months, your window’s thermal protective qualities will reduce heat transfer so you stay warm even when you’re right next to a window. And the best part? You’ll experience lower energy bills.

Color Design Options

Window World offers various color design options for our casement windows. Interior color design options include white, beige, almond, clay, khaki, tan, and dark brown. Or choose a wood grain including light oak woodgrain, maple woodgrain, cherry woodgrain, foxwood woodgrain, white oak woodgrain, or dark oak woodgrain.

For exterior color options, choose from the following:

●        Light neutrals like white, almond, tan, cream, and beige.

●        Dark neutrals, including black, bronze, and earth tone.

●        Rich browns like cocoa, chocolate, and dark brown.

●        Vibrant tones, including English red, forest green, and hunter green.

Grid & Design Options

After choosing a color design for your window, it’s time to think about adding decorative details. We offer several attractive design options to make your casement windows uniquely yours so your home stands out in all the best ways.

Choose from tinted windows or a rain design for a uniquely textured look. With our grid options, we can add simulated lines to create a stunning grid to match your home’s architectural style.

Customize your casement windows by choosing from the following elegant grid line options:

●        Prairie

●        Double prairie

●        Diamond

●        4-lite, 6-lite, or 8-lite

●        2-top or 3-top

Combining Windows

If you’re looking for a way to flood your home with sunlight, casement windows work well with other windows. To create the illusion of a window wall, flank a picture window with casement windows on both sides.

Casement windows also work well when lined up in multiple-lite arrangements. To experiment with how you’d like to use casement windows in your home, stop by our Design Center.

Here are a few more reasons to replace your windows with beautiful new casement windows from Window World:

●        Better construction

●        State-of-the-art welding equipment

●        American-made window manufacturing

●        Lower maintenance vinyl windows

●        SolarZone insulated windows meet ENERGY STAR standards

Where to Install Casement Windows?

Because casement windows are so flexible regarding performance and appearance, you’ll have plenty of options for finding the best places to install casement windows in your home. We tend to recommend any of the following locations of your home for installing new casement windows:

●        Living Room: Because casement windows don’t need grilles to be installed, they provide a resourceful alternative to picture windows when it comes to allowing for a fuller-more panoramic view in your living room.

●        Kitchens: Casement windows are ideal for busy areas of your home, especially kitchens, where optimal natural light and superior insulation are needed to keep your culinary station as cozy and comfortable as possible.

●        Home Offices: Anyone working in a home office will tell you that having the best view of the outside world is absolutely necessary. Casement windows provide more opportunities for letting light in, allowing for a more productive at-home working environment!

●        Bedroom: As far as we’re concerned, the bedroom is the one room that requires perfection regarding insulation and energy efficiency. Casement windows are specifically designed to minimize heat loss throughout winter while keeping heat out all summer.

Financing Options

If you love the idea of new casement windows and looking for financing options, we can help. If your project is less than $10,000, we can get you approved with a simple, six-minute application done right in your home after we’ve given you your project estimate.

In many cases, you’ll know how much you’re approved for right away. For larger-scale home remodeling projects, we work with several lenders to get you a home equity line or second mortgage.

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