For many Minnesota residents, summer is the time of year to get out on the lake and take advantage of our beautiful natural scenery. We live in one of the most visually stunning locations in this great nation, and there’s nothing quite like long summer days to make the most of it. But now that kids are starting to head back to school, we’re reminded that it won’t be long before the mercury gradually begins to drop.

Before you pick out your pumpkins and light up the fireplace for the first time this season, it’s a good idea to take on some much-needed home repairs. Did you know that fall is one of the best times of year to have your home’s siding replaced? In this post from Window World, we’ll share some of the benefits of fall siding replacement. Give us a call to find out about siding options for your Twin Cities home!

Signs Your Siding Needs to Be Replaced

No matter what type of siding is currently on your home, all siding will need to be replaced eventually. Damaged, poorly insulated, or inadequate siding can impact your home’s energy costs and its ability to stay warm during the cold winter months. Additionally, it makes your home vulnerable to mold, mildew, moisture infiltration, and pests.

Here are a few signs your siding needs to be replaced:

●      Visible Damage

Cracks and breaks in your siding are some of the most obvious signs of visible damage you may encounter upon inspection. Loose or missing siding panels and moisture inside your home are also red flags.

●      Ugly Paint

If you’ve painted your home and repainted it over the years, your siding may be to blame. High-performance vinyl siding requires less maintenance than older wood siding and other siding solutions that need to be repainted every few years. If your siding is flaking, chipping, pealing, cracking, or faded, consider giving up on paint altogether and embracing vinyl siding.

●      Outsized Energy Costs

If your energy bills are just too high and your home has older siding, replacing it may dramatically impact your monthly energy costs. Today’s siding is much better at creating a thermal protective envelope that keeps heat where it’s meant to be depending on the time of year.

●      Warped or Bubbled Siding

If your siding is bubbled or warped, this creates a possible point of moisture infiltration, allowing moisture into your home that can lead to rotting, warping, and the proliferation of mildew and mold.

Deciding When to Schedule Siding Replacement

When choosing the right time to replace your outdated siding with high-performance vinyl siding from Window World, many contractors swear that fall is the best time of year. Here’s why:

1.    Warm weather is the busiest time for contractors.

Once spring rolls around, homeowners start thinking about taking on home improvement projects, and this includes siding repair and replacement. Although we pride ourselves on fast and friendly service, the peak of the warm weather season tends to be the busiest time of year for contractors.

2.    Cold weather Isn’t Ideal for vinyl siding installation.

Freezing temperature can constrict vinyl panels, and snow and ice can interfere with the process altogether. It also makes the work difficult for contractors. Getting your siding replaced now can ensure you get the job done ahead of the first big snow of the year.

3.    Spring weather can be unpredictable.

There’s a reason we have a saying about April flowers. Spring can be beautiful here in Minnesota, but it can also bring some pretty strong rain. Fall weather tends to be more consistent, which means your project may get finished sooner.

4.    You’ll save on winter energy costs.

If you wait until spring to schedule your siding replacement project, you’ll also have to wait to enjoy those much-needed energy savings. With 6000 Series vinyl siding, you can have high-grade TrueForm one-piece insulated siding installed that acts as a thermal barrier. Think of it as a giant insulated cooler for your whole home. With an R-value of 5.0 and the thickest foam the industry has to offer, you’ll be toasty and warm all winter long. As an added bonus, your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to keep up.

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Did you spend last winter in layers because your home was inconsistent in temperature? If you find yourself bundling up in the living room and sweating in the kitchen, it may be time for new vinyl siding installation.

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