Autumn is in the air and all around us from the delicate fog of a cool October morning to a world filled with pumpkin spice, cozy sweaters, and colorful leaves. There are few things that evoke a sense of everything to love about fall than the charm of a well-appointed front porch complete with pumpkins and an autumn wreath.

All of this attention to our front porches serves as a reminder of the impact a beautiful entrance can have on your home’s curb appeal. If your curb appeal could use a little help, our team of replacement window and door experts at Window World is here for you.

We offer a wide range of home entry solutions for Twin Cities homes including stunning replacement doors complete with transom windows and more. In this post, we’re sharing some of our top brilliant door ideas for creating a warm welcome to your Minnesota home. Give us a call to discuss entryway solutions for your home.

Planning for a Grand Entrance

Whether you’re selling your home or just moving in, curb appeal plays an important role in the home’s overall value and appeal. The appearance of a home’s front door functions as a centerpiece to the combined look and can make or break its curb appeal. Fortunately, there are a host of beautiful ways to transform your front door. Entry door transformation is also one of the most affordable remodeling projects you can undertake with one of the greatest returns on investment.

Check out these great ideas for transforming your entry door:

1.   Add New House Numbers

Don’t be limited by conventional thinking when it comes to your house numbers. The options for your home’s numbers are practically limitless, creating a bold statement that suits your family’s personality or enhances the style of the home. A simple Google search will bring up dozens upon dozens of stunning ideas from adding house numbers to a planter to custom metal house numbers. Or DIY your own house number project to match the look of your entry door.

2.   Install a Custom Doorbell Cover or Door Knocker

Much like house numbers, a custom doorbell cover or door knocker is an element that can add a little style to your front entrance and is highly customizable. At Window World, we offer custom hardware options to complete the look of your new entry door.

3.   Illuminate the Situation With Beautiful Lighting

The right lighting fixture or fixtures can be a revelation for your front porch. Set the tone for your home’s overall aesthetic by embracing modern, classic, or farmhouse lighting. If your home defies the ordinary, choose a unique, bohemian, or vintage lighting fixture. Or embrace simple elegance with a stunning pendant light fixture.

4.   Welcome Guests With a Friendly Blue Door

Arguably the most calming color, blue reflects the natural strength of the sky and the sea. Shades of blue evoke a sense of trust, coolness, and peace, which is why it’s often used in corporate logos and advertising. Deep jewel-toned blues like indigo and peacock can be elegant and understated, while brighter hues such as sapphire or topaz can create a sense of brightness and openness.

5.   Lean into Elegance With a Black Door

Black doors are big right now for a reason. They create a sense of contrast and definition, especially when juxtaposed against the bright white and buttercream siding that’s come to signify the modern farmhouse look. One of the hottest home design looks right now is to add black frames around a home’s exterior windows and a black front door. If black is a bridge too far for your taste but you love the concept, consider adding a dark charcoal or slate door.

6.   Add Lovely Details

The key to truly transforming your front door is adding beautiful details. When you order a custom entry door from Window World, you can customize a number of features including adding various lites, grids, and custom glass options. Consider adding transom windows to really illuminate your space.

7.   Use a Glass Door

A glass door or a Dutch door is another way to elevate your front door above the ordinary. With details like multiple lites, custom glass, and privacy glass, your door will be transformed into a stunning focal point for your home.

8.   Go Formal With Double Doors

If you have the space, adding double doors rather than a single door can add a sense of grandeur, especially when paired with side windows and transom windows on all sides.

Twin Cities Entry Doors With Style

Unlike old wooden entry doors, fiberglass entry doors from Window World won’t peel or chip over time. Our entry doors are available in a wide selection of hand-stained rubbed stain finish looks or designer paint colors. Whether you prefer the look of textured natural woodgrain or a smooth surface, we’ve got something for every home and architectural style. Finally, add sidelites, grids, handlesets, and other details to complete the design of your choice.

To customize your new entry door, visit our Design Center. Or discuss your ideas for creating a grand entrance with a Window World Twin Cities replacement window specialist at 651.770.5570. You can also contact us online to get a free quote on your replacement door today.

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