There aren’t many things that almost everyone in the world can agree on. But if you ask anyone from around the Twin Cities, they’ll probably all agree on one thing: a new year is a great opportunity to make goals and plans. was a challenging year. Most people in the area can also agree that winters here aren’t mild.

During the long winters, it’s easy to start daydreaming about the spring and summer. YOu might find yourself making resolutions for the year and thinking about home improvement projects you want to do. With such a bright future ahead, there’s never been a better time to add value and beauty to your living space.

Interior designers are already projecting exciting design trends for the coming year, and in this post from Window World Twin Cities, we’re sharing some of our favorites.

Check out these great ideas to get inspired, and then give us a call to learn about new window options for your Twin Cities home!

Good Housekeeping Recommendations

Did you know Window World has received the Good Housekeeping Seal since 2008? The Good Housekeeping Institute was formed by Good Housekeeping magazine to test products for their readers and place their approval on high-value products.

The process for receiving this seal involves rigorous testing by scientists, engineers, and consumer advocates.

In addition to recommending high-performance products for consumers, Good Housekeeping also follows design trends to recommend each year. According to Good Housekeeping, these are some of the top interior design trends for 2023:

Natural Wood

Design experts are predicting natural wood will make a huge comeback in homes this year. After spending so much time in front of screens over the past year, homeowners are looking for ways to bring natural elements into their space and shying away from synthetic-looking products.

For these accents, a natural tone is preferred over darker hues. Natural trim looks especially stunning on large picture windows and against natural molding and beams.

Arched Windows

If you thought arched windows were only for Mediterranean or Victorian homes, think again. New homes are featuring arched windows in a big way.

To create a grand entrance in your home, add arched half-moon windows above your French doors as transoms. These windows also look stunning above multiple-lite windows. Add custom grids and glass to transform your window into an architectural statement.

Plenty of Windows

With today’s Low-E glass solutions, installing expansive windows to flood a room with natural light won’t break the bank when it comes to energy costs. One of 2023’s hottest interior design looks is the wall of windows.

Get the look by flanking a picture window with casement windows for plenty of sunlight and ventilation, or add a bay or bow window to your home.

Black Frames

They say what’s old is new again, and nowhere is this truer than with black window frames. This look was commonly found in industrial designs of the early 20th century, but in the last few years it became a staple of the modern farmhouse look.

Black-framed windows look dramatic with or without window coverings. As homeowners fall in love with the contrast and definition of black interior window frames, they’re becoming more common in all types of architectural styles.

Calming Colors

With more and more people using their homes as offices, entertaining spaces, and more, houses need to be versatile. One room might serve multiple purposes, so having a relaxing feel can help a multi-use space look and feel that much better.

This is why you're likely to see many calming, sea-inspired colors this year such as sage green and light blue.

You could also consider adding one accent wall or even adding blue and green around your window frames.

More Design Trends to Love

In addition to the recommendations from Good Housekeeping, designers everywhere are predicting a return to optimistic, cheerful decor and comforting natural elements in the coming year.

Watch for these design trends!

Colorful Front Doors

This trend has been going strong for a couple of years, and it’s only getting bigger in 2023. Homeowners and design pros love the design flexibility of a custom painted entry door.

A custom front door, also known as a statement door, is a fun way to play with color and share a piece of your family’s style and personality with guests. And if you change your mind down the road, it’s easy to paint.

Garden Windows

With all of this extra time spent at home, homeowners are looking for ways to bring the natural world into their interior space. With a garden window, you can grow your own natural herb garden right inside your kitchen.

A garden window is also a beautiful way to bring natural light and fresh air into your sacred kitchen space.

Earth Tones

Calming, desert hues and warm gold shades are the order of the day as the world seeks comfort in their homes.

For added continuity, use similar undertones in your exterior siding and interior paint.

60s & 70s Design Inspiration

If you spend much time online, you might have noticed that trends change quickly. Whether It's in fashion or home design, trends are often playing around with influence from past decades. The 60s and 70s are especially big this year!

But you don’t have to copy those ugly couches your grandma used to have. Instead, find a way to mix these past designs with more modern sensibilities.

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