When you think of a beautiful winter landscape, you probably imagine a snowy landscape and snow-topped roofs dripping with icicles. What you may not realize is the beauty of this winter landscape can take a toll on your home’s gutter canal system. At Window World Twin Cities, we receive quite a few calls each spring to address gutter damage done by wild winter weather.

In this post, we’ll break down how winter weather affects your gutters and talk about solutions to save yours from damage. Contact our gutter pros to find out about replacement gutters for your Twin Cities home.

When Gutter Damage Occurs

Without regular gutter maintenance, your gutter canal system can end up clogged, cracked, or sagging. Unfortunately, your gutters perform a necessary function by moving water away from your home and foundation. As snow and ice melt, your gutters move this water down and out into your yard if they’re functioning properly.

These are just a few serious problems that can arise from damaged or clogged gutters:

1.    Gutter Joint Breaks

Whether it’s with windows, siding, or gutters, minor repair issues invariably become serious when they’re left unresolved. When your gutters become clogged continually, this causes the water to fill inside the canals. Since water weighs 8.34 lbs per gallon, that weight can stress the joints in your gutters and cause them to break.

2.    Foundation Damage

What looks like only an inch of rain or snow on the ground equates to hundreds of gallons of water on your roof. Ideally, your gutters should move water away from your home, but when your gutters are clogged, water spills over the sides. All of these gallons upon gallons of water end up pooling around your foundation, leading to serious foundation damage and settling in some cases and even basement flooding.

3.    Insects and Pests

Certain types of insects thrive in moist conditions. Once the warm weather of spring comes, you can find yourself dealing with a serious infestation. In the shorter term, small animals can end up nesting in clogged or damaged gutters, adding to the already existing problems with your gutter system.

4.    Liability and Safety Risk

When water pools around the base of your home and freezes, this creates a slip-and-fall risk. To avoid injury, never let water collect near walkways or close to your home.

5.    Mold and Interior Damage

When water due to clogged or damaged gutters splashes against your roof or siding, it will eventually leak into your home. Inside the structure of your home, this moisture can cause mold to proliferate, creating a serious health risk for your family. Additionally, trapped moisture can damage your siding and walls and cause the boards inside your fascia and under your shingles to rot.

4 Tips for Protecting Your Gutters

1.    Keep them Clear of Debris

The leading cause of gutter clogs is debris due to leaves and twigs. Once your gutters start to fill up with leaves, they can overflow, freeze over, or break. Don’t let this debris build up in your gutter system. Because removing debris manually can be challenging and even dangerous, consider installing LeafProof gutter covers. These gutter covers prevent debris from collecting in your gutters while preventing water and gutter damage at the same time.

2.    Trim Trees Regularly

Even if you’ve installed gutter covers on your gutters, it’s a good idea to protect your gutters by removing any nearby branches that could damage them. Tree branches can weigh hundreds of pounds, taking down gutters when they fall too close to the house.

3.    Check Your Drainage

Take a walk around your property. Are your downspouts moving water away from your home as they’re meant to? If water is collecting beneath your gutters near your home, have your gutters professionally inspected.

4.    Install Seamless Gutters

The most common spot for gutter leaks is the gutter system’s joints or seams. Seamless gutters remove the risk of gutter seam leaks entirely. Our seamless gutters are installed with a convenient mobile gutter machine that custom sizes gutters to fit your home. With 12 colors of baked-on enamel paint to choose from, our seamless gutters never need painting. Our attractive seamless gutters come with free rain diverters for your roof valley and hidden hangers that can’t be viewed from the ground.

Get New Gutters from Window World Twin Cities

Are you tired of climbing up on the ladder in the frozen winter weather to remove slimy gutter debris? Say goodbye to this chore for good with seamless replacement gutters and gutter covers from Window World. All of our seamless gutters come with a five-year installation guarantee.

To schedule your gutter inspection or order new gutters for your Twin Cities home, connect with a gutter installation specialist at 651.770.5570. For added convenience, contact us online to get your free quote. Give us a call today!

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