Siding replacement is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to increasing your home’s curb appeal. Whether you’re thinking of listing your Twin Cities home on the market or you’re simply replacing your siding to transform your home’s exterior, Window World Twin Cities can help. With high-performance vinyl siding installation from Window World, you’ll enjoy siding that retains its color years down the road without fading or peeling.

When you install new vinyl siding, our siding contractors can help you customize a look that highlights your home’s architecture and adds to your home’s value. Give us a call to learn more about vinyl siding installation today!

In this post, we’re sharing beautiful siding combination ideas to inspire your new installation project.

Types of Siding

Vinyl siding installation from Window World is designed to give you the best possible ROI (return on investment) while adding to your home’s beauty and comfort. Our siding is designed to withstand powerful winds and inclement weather with specialized locking systems and double-thick nail hems.

Window World siding also comes in a wide range of color options and beautiful designs. We combine the durability and performance of vinyl with the natural look of oak using rich details. Or choose the simplicity of a matte finish.  

Choose from one of the following siding profiles:

●      6000 Series

Wood Grain texture

Double 4” or 6”

Double 4.5” Dutch lap

Single 7”

●      4000 Series

Wood Grain texture

Double 4” or 5”

Double 4.5” Dutch lap

●      2000 Series

Woodgrain or smooth

Triple 3” smooth

Double 4” smooth or woodgrain

Double 4.5” Dutch lap

Double 5” woodgrain

Single 8” smooth

●      1500 Series

Woodgrain or smooth

Triple 3” smooth

Double 4” or 5” woodgrain

Double 4.5” woodgrain

Single 6.5” traditional beaded woodgrain

Choosing the Right Color Combination

For many years, subtle siding palettes were more common than bolder contrasting looks. However, with advances in siding color and more beautiful siding accent options available than ever before, design pros and homeowners are embracing bold color combinations. Contrasting trim, front doors, and shutters are a stunning way to add character to your home.

Here are a few tips for choosing the right color combination for your home:

●        Try to harmonize your exterior siding color with your neighbors’ home designs and the surrounding landscape.

●        Integrate your stone or brick into your color palette.

●        Integrate contrasting siding details like board and batten.

5 Color Combination Ideas

With those overall design tips in mind, now let’s look deeper into how you can use color combinations and contrasts to pick the right siding for your home.

1. Design With Your Windows in Mind

Don’t overlook the importance of your windows in your home design. Your windows are one of your home’s key architectural features. With a little careful planning, you can use color to highlight your windows and make a big statement.

Just as you might with your front entry door, consider using a completely contrasting color for your shutters. Warm, bold shades of orange and red can look absolutely stunning against gray siding with neutral trim.

Another popular window trim look is black exterior trim. Black window frames highlight your windows and look beautiful against all types of siding, but especially against white or light neutral shades.

If your exterior siding is in a darker or bolder shade, use a dark window frame in black, hunter green, or charcoal around the window. Surround the window’s exterior with white trim for a bold look that helps to emphasize your windows as a home feature.

2. Use Dimensional Color

To liven up a flat, mono-color exterior without taking on a bold transformation, use dimensional color combinations by combining similar shades in the same family. For example, if your primary siding shade is gray, choose various lighter shades of gray for your primary trim color, accent color, window frames, and front door.

This can also work if your home features a stone veneer or other mixed material.

3. Embrace Striking Contrast

Contrast can look beautiful when applied to new siding. White trim looks clean and elegant against almost any color from butter yellow to vibrant merlot to charcoal. Black or dark gray trim can have a similar effect against pale neutral siding shades.

If your home’s architectural design looks good with a secondary accent color, consider using a bold shade to offset a neutral palette. Warm colors look especially spectacular against shades of gray.

4. Find Inspiration From the Past

Want your home’s siding to stand out? Don’t just look at what others around you are doing. Instead, you can look at home siding trends from the past decades to get inspiration.

Many people are using eclectic design elements from different decades when designing their home exteriors and interiors. The 60s and 70s are particularly popular at the moment. So, consider doing orange, yellow, or red colors to bring in these eras.

5. Keep It Simple

While using colorful combinations is exciting, it never hurts to stick to the basics. Neutral siding colors will never completely go out of style.

So, if you don’t want to adjust your siding colors often, sticking with beige, gray, or white is your best bet. Plus, these colors go well with many design aesthetics.

Choose Window World Twin Cities for Siding Installation

At Window World Twin Cities, we offer a complete range of home exterior design services including window replacement, door replacement, and gutter replacement. If you’re thinking of completely transforming your home’s exterior, we can help.

To help you visualize your new siding and see how it looks with your current home’s architectural style, windows, and doors, we offer an online Design Center. With our design center, you can experiment with different combinations to see which ones you like best.

To connect with a Window World Twin Cities replacement siding specialist, give us a call at 651.770.5570. Or you can contact us online to get a free quote and get started on your new siding replacement project today!

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