If you’re thinking of adding new windows to your bedroom, this is a great opportunity to transform your space in ways you hadn’t previously imagined. One way to completely transform your bedroom while adding more light to your home is by replacing your windows with French doors.

The beauty of replacing your windows with doors is that it’s easier to add an extra entrance to your home by using an existing window opening rather than completely cutting new doors. Because you’ve already got windows there, you know that some of the necessary carpentry is already complete and the area is not load-bearing.

At Window World MN, our Twin Cities window installation contractors can install beautiful French doors if you’re thinking this conversion would work well in your home. Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking about replacing your bedroom windows with French doors. 

A Private Entrance

Adding exterior doors to a master bedroom is a surprisingly popular home exterior project. If your master bedroom is located near your home’s exterior or side, French doors can give you your own private access to the deck or a private exterior space. Imagine waking up in the morning and stepping outside your bedroom into the backyard to watch the sunrise or sipping sangria on a cool summer evening just before bedtime.

Replacing Your Windows

When you opt for a window-to-door conversion instead of replacement windows, our experienced window installation team follows a simple process. We’ll begin by talking about door conversion options. In addition to French doors, we also offer vinyl patio doors and French-style sliding patio doors. We’ll help you decide on the best door for your bedroom and the specific location.

Next, it’s time to design your door. At Window World, we make it affordable and easy to get beautiful custom designed patio and French doors. Once your door arrives, we’ll remove your windows and install your new custom doors. We’ll leave your home cleaner than we arrived so you can enjoy your new French door or doors right away.

Professional French Door Installation

French doors should always be installed by an experienced replacement window contractor rather than an amateur handyman. A professional contractor has the training, knowledge, and tools to install a door safely and correctly.

Proper installation of a French door or doors requires precision mastery so the final product is even and the results are of the highest quality. Otherwise, you can end up with a poorly aligned door that leaks or has drafts.

These are just some of the details that make the Window World difference:

●        Completely cleaning and prepping the area

●        Paneling, caulking, and properly trimming the new doors

●        Properly measuring to ensure a level fit

Choosing Replacement French Doors

The beauty of Window World replacement doors is that you get the opportunity to choose a high-performance door system that meets your home’s specific layout requirements. You can also choose whether you want your doors to swing in or out.

To design your French doors, start by choosing either oak grain or a smooth texture. For your door’s glass, we offer full lite glass door options and attractive grid designs like Prairie, Rain Glass, or Colonial. After designing your French door glass, you can decide to install internal blinds that tilt, raise, and lower to create added privacy or choose harmony blinds with internal grids.

Finally, you can customize your doors in the stain or paint color of your choice. WIth 21 stain finishes and 24 paint finishes all warrantied against chipping and peeling, you can customize your French doors to match your home’s interior and exterior.

Quality Manufacturing

All of our fiberglass hinged French doors are made with high-performance manufacturing. One standard feature is our one-lite Low E glass for a more efficient home. Additionally, our doors come pre-hung with rot-free Brickmould in a composite frame.

Our French doors come standard with the following features:

●        Adjustable mill finish sill

●        Schlage accent with keyed lever lockset

●        Schlage anti-tarnish finish thumbturn deadbolt

●        Fixed bottom sweep

●        2.5-inch interior ranch casing

Window World French door designs are energy-efficient to make sure your home is more comfortable even when the temperature outside is extreme. This also adds up to savings on your energy bills over time while reducing your home’s environmental footprint. Manufactured with high-performance fiberglass, Window World French doors also offer protection against high winds and extreme weather.

In addition to their efficient and durable design, Window World doors are more secure than other French doors. With multipoint lock gears for added security, criminals will be more likely to move on to an easier target and leave your home in peace.

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Are you ready to step outside and enjoy the fresh air from the privacy of your master suite?

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