Whether you enter your home through the front door or your side door, every entrance into your home serves an essential purpose. Your doors are a key part of your home’s thermal envelope, helping to create the invisible protective layer that maintains your home’s comfort and efficiency. They also play a critical role in protecting your home against intruders. 

Beyond their obvious practical functions, your doors add to the style and look of your home, especially your front door, which serves as a centerpiece to your home’s curb appeal. Just as you will eventually need to replace your outdated windows to improve your home’s energy efficiency and aesthetics, you should also consider replacing your doors when making updates. 

Like your siding and windows, replacing your older doors with newer ones can add to your home’s value. In this post from Window World Twin Cities, we’re sharing advice to help you determine if it’s time for door replacement services. 

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When It’s Time for Front Door Replacement

Of all the doors in your home, your front door most likely takes the most damage because it’s often the most frequently used. Over time, even minor wear and tear can add up. If your front door is in bad shape, there’s no question that it’s time to replace it.  

These are some more obvious signs that your front door needs to be replaced:

  • Unattractive dents 
  • Cumulative damage having been pushed open when your hands are full
  • Peeling or splitting
  • Rust

As solid wood doors age, they can begin to show signs of warping and weathering from years of seasonal changes. During the warm weather, wood doors can expand, and during the winter, they contract. 

Freeze and thaw cycles tend to speed up the natural deterioration process. Once the wood begins to crack or the paint begins to peel, moisture can get into the door and cause the wood to decay and rot. Not only does this make your door more vulnerable to intruders, but it also increases the chance of mold growth or insect infestation. 

Another common sign of moisture damage is rust. Even if your door still looks structurally sound, visible rust and any other indications that moisture has gotten into the door means your door’s integrity is compromised. 

Here are a few less obvious signs your door needs to be replaced: 

  • Light is visible through your door frame or casing when the door is closed, a sign of space around the frame.
  • Your front door has trouble with sticking. 
  • Your front door has trouble opening, but only seasonally. 
  • You can feel drafts around your door that aren’t corrected with weatherstripping updates.
  • Your energy costs are out of control. 
  • Your door doesn’t lock properly, or you have difficulty locking and unlocking your door. 

When It’s Time for Patio Door Replacement

Just as your front door serves as the grand entrance into your home, your patio door serves an important function and, over time, will also see its share of wear and tear. And like your front door, your patio door can have a direct impact on your home’s comfort level and energy costs. 

Here are a few signs your patio door is ready to be replaced:

  • It’s difficult to open and close.
  • It makes strange or loud noises when opening and closing.
  • It has extensive cosmetic damage from a busy family. 
  • You can feel drafts around your patio door. 
  • Ants or insects are getting in due to gaps. 
  • Water damage is visible around your door.

The Benefits of Updating Entry & Patio Doors 

When it comes to protecting your home from the elements, your exterior doors are every bit as important as your windows. 

Here are just a few crucial ways your doors impact your home’s value:

  • Increased security and protection against burglaries
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Adding curb appeal

Patio Doors

Boost Energy Efficiency

Replacing your entry and/or patio door with a more secure, energy-efficient replacement option can immediately start to pay off. Right away, you may notice a small reduction in your home’s energy costs. 

Be sure to speak to your door replacement contractor about energy efficiency when choosing a replacement entry door. At Window World, we offer fiberglass doors engineered to be more efficient. 

Our fiberglass entry doors come with an insulated core and double bulb door bottom sweep to help reduce the transfer of heat. This increases your home’s comfort level while keeping your energy costs down. 

Level Up Security

Window World front entry doors are also engineered to protect your home against intrusions by serving as a barrier against anyone trying to get inside your home. 

Here are a few ways our doors are more secure:

  • Forged brass hardware
  • Powerful fiberglass
  • Maximum security deadbolts
  • Pick-resistant T-pins
  • Steel security strike plate
  • Deadbolt latch-concealing dust box

Add Curb Appeal

If you’re looking to enhance your home’s exterior without major remodeling, replacing doors is an awesome first project. When you choose a renowned contractor like Window World, there are often financing options that make your new doors even more affordable, too. 

And a facelift for your house offers more than a pretty face – renovations like new doors can increase your home’s market value. Whether or not you plan to sell anytime soon, door replacement is one home improvement you can feel confident will provide a good return on your investment. 

Home Exterior

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