When you’re thinking of siding replacement for your home, it can be difficult to know which way to go. But if you live in a classic architectural design, finding a beautiful color combination could be as simple as looking up old pictures of your neighborhood!

At Window World Twin Cities, we know there’s nothing quite as charming as a beautiful older home, and your siding design and color should capture that charm as well. In this post, we’re sharing some of the most popular siding combinations for some of those classic home designs. Check out this guide and then give us a call to discuss siding installation options for your Twin Cities home today!

Craftsman Homes

Even if you don’t know much about architecture, there’s a good chance you can recognize a Craftsman when you see one. Craftsman homes are one of the most easily recognizable styles of American homes. They offer a unique look and floor plan that is just as coveted today as it was 100 years ago when the style was brand new.

Craftsman homes were first created around the beginning of the 20th century. The ornate and highly refined styles of the Victorian era had grown tiresome, and people were tired of mass production with the Industrial Revolution in full swing. The Craftsman style revolted against these trappings with simple comforts and handcrafted details to create a homey, affordable living space for the average American family.

These are a few defining features you might see on a Craftsman home:

●        Large tapered columns supporting a wide covered front porch, perfect for sitting and watching the world go by

●        Multi-paned windows with wide molding

●        Large windows throughout the home

●        Exposed beams under overhanging eaves

●        A simple, open floor plan with easy access throughout

●        Custom handcrafted features like window seats and built-in shelving and cabinetry

●        Brick, stone, and wood throughout the home

●        A living room fireplace

Today, younger homeowners are once more gravitating toward the simple charm of Craftsman homes, embracing the natural details and practical layouts. Many homeowners and design experts prefer to pair the natural materials and simplicity of Craftsman homes with nature-inspired siding colors.

Earthy neutrals like soft browns, greens, and beiges are the most popular siding choice for Craftsman bungalows. For the trim, white is the most popular choice. However, it is not uncommon to see a contrasting pop of color as a second accent color.

Check out these great siding ideas for Craftsman homes:

●        Sage green siding with white trim and an espresso entry door

●        Pale coastal blue with beige and white trim and salmon accents

●        Warm sandy beige with white trim and a black entry door

●        White siding with pale beige trim and a black entry door

●        Two-toned green siding with white and espresso trim

Cape Cod Homes

Cape Cods are another quintessentially American home design. With their gabled roofs, central chimneys, and practical designs, Cape Cods have earned their reputation as a classic American cottage design. Cape Cods originated in New England around the 17th century in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where they were built by Puritan colonists as a stripped-down version of English homes. These classic homes enjoyed a brief revival in the mid-20th century.

Here are a few defining features of Cape Cod homes:

●        Pitched gable roofs

●        Simple, symmetrical designs

●        Central door flanked by windows on either side

●        Very little ornamentation

Today, the most popular colors for Cape Cods include beachy New England hues like ocean blues, sandy beiges, and whites.

Check out these ideas for Cape Cod siding combinations:

●        Two-toned Colonial blue and white with white trim

●        Butter yellow with white trim

●        Gray with white trim and black shutters

●        Beige with white trim and a deep orange entry door

Colonial and Neo-Colonial Homes

About a century after the Cape Cod was first built, European settlers popularized the Colonial style. Colonial homes are a more formal design than their earlier Cape Cod counterparts. When most people think of Colonial designs, they’re usually referring to Georgian Colonial architecture or modern homes built in the same style.

These features can be found in traditional Georgian homes:

●        Centered front door with a rectangular transom window

●        Decorative moldings

●        Symmetrical multi-pane windows

●        Side-gabled roofs

●        Formal living room

●        Formal dining room

●        Bedrooms on the second floor

●        One or two very large chimneys

Color combinations tend toward the more dramatic and stately designs of the Georgian era. Here are a few examples of siding combinations for Colonial homes:

●        Off-white siding with white trim and black shutters

●        Gray siding with white trim, red accents, and black shutters

●        Boothbay blue siding with white trim, red entry door, and black shutters

●        Countrylane red siding with white trim and black accents

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