There are plenty of reasons to work on your home’s curb appeal, whether you’re considering listing it for sale or simply updating your family home. While many architectural designs naturally lend themselves to certain looks, a flat-front home can be uniquely challenging to style.

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Here are our top ideas for transforming flat-front homes with exterior remodeling updates.

Renovating a Flat-Front Home

Many flat-front home designs have unique and distinctive architectural designs. But without the right design TLC, these lovely looks can end up devoid of character and charm.

Common types of homes with a flat front:

●        Georgian

●        English Colonial

●        Federal

●        Contemporary A-Frame

●        Ranch

Homes with roomy front porches and plenty of dimensional architectural features can be easy to dress up. But when done correctly, flat-front home redesigns can be just as lovely and welcoming.

The key is to use texture, accessories, and color to create dimension and transform a flat-front home's featureless, plain look into a home with that “wow” factor.

Use Color Pops to Make a Statement

One of the easiest ways to make a big curb appeal splash is with carefully placed bold color designs. Well-planned pops of color break up the monotony of a monochromatic flat front and create instant interest and dimension.

Check out these great ways to use color!

Contrasting Trim Color

Home exterior design has come a long way over the past few decades. In the past, it was fairly standard to see complementary trim and siding without much contrast. But design experts have learned that contrast is a powerful tool when it comes to creating dimension and depth, especially when viewed from the street.

It’s always a good idea to consult a design expert who can use the color wheel to guide you when making a dramatic choice. But you can’t go wrong with a contrasting neutral or a dramatic shade in the same color family as your base color.

One of the most popular contemporary trim designs is to paint the base of a home in a monochromatic white or pale neutral and then use black or dark trim to frame the windows.

The inverted version of this look uses white trim against a dark primary siding color.

Customized Patio Doors

Window Shutters

Window shutters are an often-overlooked detail that can easily transform the exterior look of a flat-front home. When choosing a siding and trim palette for a flat front home, choose a primary color, a trim color, and an accent color.

For your accent color, use the contrasting color idea to add shutters that add character, dimension, and texture while drawing attention to your windows.

A Colorful Front Door

Front doors should ideally be the focal point of a home’s curb appeal. When the front of your home is one big block of the same color, everything blends together monotonously.

However, a standout front door draws attention to itself, directing visitors to the entrance of your home. This also prevents your garage door from becoming the dominant feature of your home’s exterior.

Today, contrasting and bold statement doors are becoming one of the most popular front exterior looks for all architectural designs. When juxtaposed against a neutral facade, bold reds, blues, or yellows can be absolutely stunning.

Add Texture With Siding

Color isn’t the only way to break up the monotony of a flat-front facade. Mixing siding in different textures creates new focal points without drawing focus away from other features like your front door.

Adding board and batten siding against your primary siding design or using both vertical and horizontal siding is a beautiful but subtle way to create contrasting texture.

Don’t be afraid to go bold for your siding upgrade! If you really want to stand out and make your home look unique, consider getting a  bright or unique siding color, such as red or green.


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Add Statement Windows

With a flat front home, you want to make a statement to add visual interest and texture to your home's exterior. One excellent way to transform the look of a flat-front home is to add windows that really stand out.

The great news is that you have many options to find a statement window that fits your design style and preferences.

Here are a few ways you could add a statement window to your flat front home:

●        Install a bay or boy window: These windows are large and noticeable, and they allow natural light into the home. Bay windows angle outward from the home, while bow windows curve outward more subtly.

●        Include casement windows: Casement windows move on a hinge when you turn a crank. While they can be installed on their own to allow more ventilation, they also look great on either side of a bay or bow window.

●        Improve current windows: If you already have windows that make a statement, you may want to upgrade to a newer or more aesthetically pleasing choice.

Accessorize Purposefully

Once you’ve chosen the perfect siding and window design, it’s time to focus on the little details that bring your home’s facade to life. Spend some time on design websites to get inspired front porch decor ideas. Adding plants on both sides is one of the most charming ways to liven up a front entrance. 

You should also avoid using too many horizontal lines in your landscaping, which can emphasize the flat, geometric quality of your home’s exterior. Instead, use a variety of colorful foliage and interesting shapes to infuse your landscape with a natural flow. Layer different heights of trees, shrubs, border flowers, and ground cover for a more textured visual design.

Finally, use details like layered lighting, seating, or even a portico to complete the look.

Should You Replace Your Windows or Siding First?

If you want to add curb appeal to your flat front home, you may wonder whether to upgrade with new siding or windows. While doing both might be ideal, that’s not always possible for all budgets and timelines.

So, when trying to decide which to replace first, you should evaluate the condition of your siding and windows. If the siding has rot, gaps, or mold, it’s probably best to replace it first. On the other hand, if your windows are hard to open, have condensation, or have rooting frames, go with replacing windows first.

Learn more about replacing siding and windows here.

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