In the summer months, your patio doors become some of the most important doors in your home. On breezy, sunny days, your patio doors are a beautiful way to bring fresh air into your home. And when you’re entertaining, they welcome your guests to relax in your backyard.

Unlike the standard patio doors of the past, today’s patio doors come with more options than ever before. At Window World Twin Cities, we offer a complete range of highly customizable patio door solutions to bring beauty and value to your home. Check out these beautiful ideas and then give us a call to discuss your new patio doors today.

Meet Window World Hinged Patio Doors

The beauty of Window World’s vinyl sliding patio doors is that they help you make more of your living space without intruding into your home. With doors that swing in or out, you’ll enjoy a room with a view without sacrificing the interior layout of your home.

Our doors are constructed with heavy-duty fiberglass streaming in a tough aluminum frame and an adjustable four-point tension system that keeps your screens on track. With anodized tracks to keep your door panels gliding smoothly, you’ll love the effortless operation now and years from now.

Here’s how Window World patio doors stand out above most standard patio doors:

●        They come with a limited lifetime warranty.

●        They’re extremely customizable.

●        They’re manufactured right here in the USA.

●        They’re energy-efficient to save you money and keep your home more comfortable year-round.

●        Multipoint lock gears keep your family and home safer.

●        Superior weather protection.

●        They never need painting.

Imagining Your Hinged Patio Doors

Window World’s hinged patio doors are incredibly durable, easy to operate, and highly secure to protect your home, making them a beautiful complement to any home. Available in Standard or French Rail style, our patio doors elevate the patio entrance from simply a doorway to a personalized statement. You’ll love the unobstructed view of your landscape and plenty of bright light filling your home. And with an optional sliding screen, fresh air is just a touch away.  

Designing Your Doors

To get started designing your doors, you’ll need to start by choosing the configuration that’s right for your home. Choose from single, double, or triple door designs. With single and French double doors, you can then choose to add vented sidelites to complete the look and make your doorway feel grander. With double doors, you can also choose from a center hinge or jamb-hinge.

Next, decide if you wish to add one of our beautiful grid options to your glass. Choose the timeless look of a Colonial grid, the elegance of Prairie or Double Prairie, or a stunning Diamond pattern. And for the ultimate patio portal, complete the look with our stunning transoms.

Color Customization

Once you’ve customized the look of your patio doors, it’s time to think about color. Window World patio doors are colored throughout their premium vinyl mainframes and sash extrusions. That means you’ll never have to worry about chipping or peeling paint no matter how active your family is. Customize both the interior and exterior of your patio doors with a wide range of color and stain solutions.

French Rail Doors

If you’re looking for an elegant alternative to traditional hinged doors, Window World offers a French-style sliding patio door option to create a distinctive entrance to your patio. Add the distinctive elegance of a classic French design combined with the space-saving convenience of sliding glass doors to your home with our beautiful French rail doors. Mortised joints complete the elegant charm of our French door design. And all of our French rail doors come with the same limited lifetime warranty as our hinged patio doors.

These are just a few of the details that make our French rail doors a premium addition to any home:

●        5” top rail, 3” side rails, and 7” bottom rail

●        Gracefully curved handles in the metal of your choice

●        Steel reinforcement providing excellent protection and strength

●        Weatherstripping inside and outside to ensure the ultimate level of energy efficiency

●        Energy-saving high-performance glass

●        Clean lines of coved glazing beads

●        Superior sealing

●        1”- thick glass insulated with warm-edge spacers

●        Anti-lift feature for added security

●        Smooth gliding rollers

Customizing Your French Rail Doors

Like all of Window World’s other door and window solutions, our French rail doors are completely customizable. Choose from a two-panel style in 5-foot, 6-foot, and 8-foot widths; three panels with 9- or 12-foot width, or four panels in a 12’ width flanked with side-opening center panels.

Once you’ve designed your doors, it’s time to complete the look with a few final details. Decide on a left-moving or right-moving panel first depending on the layout of your space. Finally, you’ll need to decide on a color. Our French rail doors come in Desert Clay, Almond, or White.

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