For windows that flood a living space with glorious sunlight, there are fewer window designs that are more attractive than bay windows. Beautiful bay windows are more than just a vista to the outside world. They’re also an attractive architectural feature that adds to a home’s value and curb appeal.

But while bay windows are undoubtedly a fine home upgrade, finding the right type of bay window treatment for your home interior design can prove a unique challenge. Although large panels of bay windows look stunning without window treatments, some homeowners like the option of closing the curtains. And as any interior design pro can attest to, the right window treatment can help tie a room together. 

In this post from our team at Window World Twin Cities, we’re breaking down some of the best window treatment ideas for bay windows. Give us a call to schedule your new bay window installation today!

Why We Love Bay Windows

Unlike traditional windows, bay windows protrude outward, making a home look and feel more spacious while allowing plenty of lovely natural light in. These windows use three or more panes of glass to create a three-dimensional look that’s charming for modern homes and older homes alike.

Bay windows are a beautiful design choice for a living room, but they look just as fantastic at the corner of a breakfast nook or in a sunny playroom. These are just a few of the many reasons to fall in love with bay windows:

●        They’re a lovely place to showcase plants.

●        They add much-needed square footage.

●        They’re perfect for cozy reading nooks.

●        They fill your home with natural sunlight.

●        They can provide excellent ventilation.

●        They give your living space a more complete view of the outside world.

Designing Your Windows

Before considering window treatments, you’ll need to decide on a design for your bay windows. One of the most coveted looks for modern window designs is a bay window design framed in dark trim, particularly black. Black trim on bay windows functions almost like a picture frame, creating a perfect outline for a lovely view of the world outside.

Choosing the Right Window Treatment

Once you’ve decided on a design for your windows, it’s time to start thinking about your window treatments. These are a few of our favorite window treatment ideas for bay windows:

1.    White Roller Shades

Roller shades are available in almost every size and color, but our favorite for bay windows is a white roller shade design. Roller shades provide a clean, minimalist window treatment that doesn’t overwhelm or hide the design of the window, making them perfect for standout designs like bay windows. They’re also much easier to clean than many other types of window treatments as well as being cost-effective to install.

Against a dark-framed bay window, white roller shades look absolutely spectacular. And because they’re white, you’ll get a lovely soft filtered light effect rather than completely blocking out the sunlight when the shades are closed.

2.    Cafe Curtains

Usually reserved for the kitchen, cafe curtains are a type of half-length curtain used to cover only the bottom half of a window. They’re perfect for breakfast nooks and kitchen windows because they allow just the right amount of privacy and glare reduction without giving up your sunlight.

But cafe curtains aren’t just great for kitchens. They also look great anyplace you want to allow plenty of light, like across the lower half of a large bay window in a bedroom, nursery, or office.

3.    Heavy Drapes

For a formal living room with a traditional aesthetic, heavy drapes are still a great window treatment choice for bay windows. They also work well in bedrooms, since they’re perfect for midday naps and privacy.

4.    Sheer Curtains

In a shared living space like a living room or kitchen, sheer curtains lend breezy, effortless style while softening the midday sun. For a sweet look that complements a country kitchen, opt for a lovely, delicate floral pattern. Or create a warm look in your living room or den with off-white, beige, or greige sheer curtains.

5.    Roman Shades

The textured folds of a Roman shade add a layer of dimension and interest to a bay window. These attractive and elegant window treatments look lovely alone or paired with a heavy set of drapes for a more traditional look. For a minimalist, modern look, go with a flat fold. A soft fold or European fold creates a charming, homey look.

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