Energy-efficient features are some of the best home remodeling investments you can make as a Minnesota homeowner. When properly installed, high-performance, energy-saving solutions work to create a more comfortable home while helping to reduce your energy costs.

Quality materials like high R-value insulation are also some of the most durable and long-lasting home improvements you can make. At Window World Twin Cities, we work with homeowners every day to install energy-saving solutions like high-performance windows, doors, and insulation.

In this post, we’re breaking down some of the top benefits of high R-value insulation. Contact Window World to start saving on your monthly energy costs with an insulation upgrade today.

Energy-Efficient Home Improvements

According to the United States Department of Energy, remodeling a house for energy efficiency should begin with a whole-house systems approach. Homeowners should evaluate the interactions and efficiency of all of a home’s systems, including the following:

●        Building occupant behavior

●        Regional climate

●        Heating and cooling systems

●        Appliances

●        Home electronics

●        Air sealing

●        Windows and skylights

●        Doors

●        Water heating

●        Insulation

An experienced home improvement contractor can help you conduct a professional audit to determine how you can save on energy usage and make recommendations. One of the best ways to improve your energy savings is to start by weatherizing your home by focusing on moisture control, ventilation, air sealing, and insulation.

Insulation and Energy Use

Insulation works to lower your home’s heating and cooling costs by preventing the flow of heat from the inside to the outside of your home. Insulation typically works by slowing this heat flow and serving as a barrier to radiant heat. Without good insulation, heat will always naturally flow from warmer areas to cooler ones. 

During the winter, this can mean heat loss from your primary living space to garages, attics, basements, and even outside of your home. This heat loss can cause your home to be drafty and cold. To keep your home comfortable, your heater has to work extra hard, causing your monthly energy bills to skyrocket and overworking your system.

Likewise, heat can flow from outside of your home to your home’s interior during the summer months, heating up your home despite your best efforts to keep it cool. Whether winter or summer, this heat flowing through your walls, floors, and ceiling can cost you significantly.

Understanding R-Value

The effectiveness of insulation in terms of thermal resistance to heat conduction is known as R-value within the home improvement industry. Insulation materials with a higher R-value have greater thermal resistance, which means they’re more effective at preventing heat flow than lower R-value materials.

While thickness is often associated with R-value, it is not the only indicator of thermal resistance. Other factors influencing a material’s R-value can include location, method of installation, type of material, limitation of airflow, and density. In Minnesota, where winters can be quite cold, insulation with a higher R-value combined with moisture control and airtight sealing is recommended for maximum energy savings and comfort.

These are just a few of the benefits of adding high R-value wall insulation to your walls, basement, floors, and attic:

1.    Save money on energy bills.

One of the biggest benefits you’ll experience with high R-value wall insulation is the payoff in terms of energy savings. When combined with energy-efficient upgrades like applying weather-stripping, smart thermostats, and switching to high-efficiency lighting, high-performance insulation will eventually pay for itself.

2.    Save on HVAC repair and replacement.

When your HVAC system is forced to work constantly to keep your home comfortable, the equipment will wear out much faster. Over time, the cost of HVAC repairs or a new heating system can become quite costly.

3.    Enjoy a more comfortable home.

Is your home’s interior temperature inconsistent from one level to the next? Investing in wall insulation will help to even out the ambient temperature inside your home.

4.    Protect the planet.

It’s more important than ever to pitch in by reducing your home’s carbon footprint. Saving energy usage will minimize your household’s impact on the environment in a way that you and your family can feel good about.

5.    Sleep better at night.

When your walls are too thin, it can seem like you hear every little noise from outside your home or even from the next room. When you invest in higher R-value wall insulation, you’ll enjoy peace and quiet like you never have before.

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