Now that fall has arrived, the cooler weather and pleasant days make it the perfect time of year to schedule that exterior remodeling project you’ve been dreaming of. And one of the most attractive ways to transform your home’s exterior and elevate your curb appeal is by renovating your home with board and batten siding from Window World Twin Cities.

To help you get inspired about your exterior remodeling project, we’re sharing some of the most stunning board and batten color combinations for your Twin Cities home. To schedule your siding replacement services, give us a call today!

1.   Cool Grays and Muted Pinks

Wispy grays are gorgeous, especially when layered with rich charcoals and deep slates. Use delicate pink accents to warm up the look without overwhelming it. Front porch furniture, entry doors, and trim accents are all ideal spots for playing with a touch of color against your gray board and batten siding. Peonies and millennial pinks, once a trending home accent color, are on their way out, with design pros leaning into softer shades with an almost neutral quality.

2.   Cool Grays and Warm Browns

Don’t feel limited by old color rules about pairing cools with cools and warm hues with other warm hues. Contrasting warm shades of brown against deep cool grays create a natural sense of drama and depth that stands out architecturally. Think rich rust-infused browns that hearken to a desert landscape against steely sharkskin grays. Layered shades of browns and grays look stunning against a dimensional multi-tone roof.

3.   Warm Brown, Gold, and Peacock

Deep, warm espresso brown and warm mocha are stunning for creating drama and a sense of suburban sophistication, but they can feel overly dark without the right accents. Adding warm gold accents through natural wood tones helps to soften the look. Complete the design with peacock or robin’s egg blue accents around the front porch for a gorgeous home design that looks ripped from the pages of HGTV Magazine.

4.   White and Blush

Is there anything sweeter than a bright white house with a delicate blush front door? White against white evokes happy images of candy stores, birthday cakes, and Disneyesque Main Streets. This look is straight out of a fairy tale, especially when it’s found on a charming old Craftsman bungalow. Brighten up your curb appeal by gracing your front door with bright red roses or flower pots and a sunny porch mat.

5.   Red and Steel

Red is one of the most sorely misunderstood colors when it comes to home design, and red and gray is an oft-underrated color pairing. Reds and burgundys are warm and inviting, reminiscent of cinnamon cider, beautiful meals, mulled wine, and bright holidays around the family table.

If you’ve dismissed reds for your exterior because you’re worried your home will look like a schoolhouse, try using it as an accent color against layers of gray and charcoal trim. Instead of a vivid red, try a softer merlot or burgundy, which looks stunning against a gray backdrop.

6.   Shades of Pale Blue, Sand, and Steel

You don’t need neutral hues to blend into your neighborhood seamlessly. Pale shades of icy blue can function marvelously as near-neutrals and pair well with warm, pale sandy hues. Add trim and accents in deep bluish steels, slates, and carbons, and complete the look with bright white or sandy details.

7.   Taupe, Carob, and Robin’s Egg Blue

Taupes are another underused and underestimated color. Taupe adds a richness and depth while still functioning as a versatile neutral and can pair well with a wide range of warm and cool colors.

Taupe and bold carob pair well together as siding colors. For a more dramatic look, choose carob as your primary shade. For a more subdued home exterior, use taupe. Robin’s egg blue functions almost like a bolder gray to add contrast and interest to the space when used as an accent color.

Window World Replacement Siding Solutions

Window World installs long-lasting quality vinyl siding in a variety of profiles. Window World siding is available in a wide range of colors and styles to mimic high-quality wood or a simple matte finish. With elegant dimensional lines and a specialty locking system that’s meant to stand up to Minnesota’s harshest weather, Window World siding looks beautiful while it protects.

Exterior Remodeling Services

Are you thinking of remodeling your whole home exterior to create beautiful new curb appeal with board and batten siding? While we’re installing your new siding, we can help with window replacement services and add a beautiful new entry door that looks fabulous with your new siding. To get inspired, stop by our online Design Center and check out ideas for your Minnesota home. Speak with a Window World Twin Cities replacement siding specialist at 651.770.5570 or contact us online to get your free quote today!

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