There’s nothing quite like the sight of a well-appointed front door during the holidays. From the perfect evergreen wreath to the poinsettias and holiday lights, the home entrance at Christmas is a welcoming sight. But if your front door is poorly insulated or in rough shape, your monthly energy bill can make you want to run away.

If your front door has seen better days, the holiday season is a great time to consider updating it with a beautiful replacement door from Window World Twin Cities. In this post, we’re breaking down the most common signs you’re due for a front door replacement.

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It just looks rough.

Your door is one of the most heavily used components of your home. Over the years it will end up getting bumped, thrown open, and slammed shut countless times. You’ll stick the wrong key in the lock at some point, drop your groceries, and any number of real-life scenarios that take their toll on your home’s grand entrance.

And with each bump, bang, and slam, even the best front doors will eventually start to show the signs of time. Whether you’ve got faded or peeling paint, cracked wood, or a damaged doorknob, a beautiful replacement door from Window World will completely transform your home’s exterior.

It’s drafty and cold.

If you’ve got outsized heating bills this winter, check your front door for cold drafts.

When you come home at the end of a long day, you expect your house to be toasty and warm inside. The last thing you need is to have a cold chill following you in through your closed door.

But a cold chill is more than just a nuisance. It’s also a sign that your home is losing heat, which means your heater has to work harder than it should be. Not only is this tough on your system, causing the equipment to wear down sooner than it’s meant to, but it’s also causing your energy bills to be higher than they would be otherwise.

The wood has insect damage.

If you’ve got an older wood door with insect damage, it’s only going to worsen as time goes by. Once pests like termites and other wood-burrowing insects have invaded your door, they’ll keep coming back for more.

Not only that, but any damage to your door creates a point of vulnerability for moisture and air infiltration as well as rot. Consider replacing your front door with a material that’s invulnerable to termites like a fiberglass replacement door.

You’ve had a break-in.

Unfortunately, a door that doesn’t close well or isn’t secure is a tempting target to criminals looking for a quick payday. If your door has been broken into or you’ve experienced an attempted break-in, you need to update your door with a more secure replacement.

Even if you haven’t experienced any crime, if you live in an area where neighbors have been targeted, securing your door is a must.

Brand new doors from Window World are designed to be incredibly secure against break-ins and vandalism. And a door that’s strong enough to stand up against vandals will be more than up to the challenge of everything from wicked weather to softballs.

It’s retro in all the wrong ways.

If you live in a mid-century modern home, a vintage door is exactly what you need to complete the look. But if your door is badly outdated in a way that doesn’t enhance your home’s appearance, it’s bringing down the value of your home. It’s also not doing much to help your curb appeal.

Even if you don’t hate your current door but you’re looking for ways to boost your curb appeal, a new door can transform the look of your home. To try out new front door ideas on your home, check out Window World’s online design center.

You have a trick door.

Do you have to go through a series of steps or jiggle the door handle to get it to open? Does your door tend to get jammed or stick when you open it?

If your door is getting harder to use, it’s easy to overlook as the problem gradually gets worse. And then one day, you try your key and you can’t get in. If you’re having trouble with your door, you need to replace it before you get left out in the cold.

You’re replacing your windows.

One of the best ways to experience a reduction in energy costs is by replacing your windows with updated replacement windows from Window World. With 22 layers of weatherstripping and double-pane glass, your home will be more comfortable throughout the year and you’ll see lower energy bills.

New windows are also one of the more affordable ways to boost your home’s curb appeal if you’re thinking of selling down the road.

While you’re replacing your windows, consider updating your front door to give your home a more finished look. With help from our design team, you can create a look that adds style and value to your home.

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