If you’ve been thinking of remodeling your home, 2024 could be the year when you finally get to transform your space. 

Remodeling can be expensive, especially if you’re dreaming of making dramatic changes. But with a little careful planning and imagination, getting a beautiful new home may be more affordable and attainable than you think!

At Window World Twin Cities, we love helping Minnesota homeowners get the beautiful homes they’ve always wanted. We offer upfront and itemized pricing on all of our products, as well as secure financing options through Wells Fargo.

To help you make 2024 your big year for change, we’re sharing some of our favorite affordable home remodeling project ideas.

Check out these ideas, and then call our home design team to get started!

1. Update Your Front Entry

One of the best ways to completely transform your home is by updating the front entryway. There are almost countless ways to change up your home’s curb appeal with a new door and a few minor changes to your porch decor. 

Mix and match these ideas to see what you end up with:

  • Replace your front door with a bold color that stands out.
  • Add new beadboard to your porch ceiling in an attractive color like blue.
  • Add statement transom windows.
  • Update your porch furniture.
  • Line the walkway with shrubs.
  • Add planters on either side of your door.
  • Update your porch lighting. 

2. Replace Your Windows

You’d be surprised at how much new windows can do for your home. Replacing your windows with new, more efficient updates will look great and add up to big savings on your home’s energy costs. 

And there are quite a few ways to snazz them up when you’re installing them:

  • Add black trim to make your windows pop. 
  • Update your shutters with new ones to give your home a new look.
  • Replace your window coverings. 
  • Add reflective window film to your exterior.
  • Consider replacing any old windows that are cracked or too dirty to recover.  

3. Install Vinyl Siding

If you’ve considered replacing your siding but are concerned about the cost of siding replacement services, vinyl siding could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Quality vinyl siding is affordable, looks great, and won’t fade as time goes by. 

But you don’t have to replace all of your siding to get a new look. A repair project can still look great if your existing siding is in fairly good shape, but you’re looking for a few minor changes that make a big splash.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Update part of your siding with board and batten for a mixed cladding look.
  • Update part of your siding with a different color and style or material.
  • Update your trim, soffit, and fascia. 

4. Update Your Bathroom or Kitchen Sink

Replacing your bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures with more modern appliances can instantly update the feel of the entire space. Classic nickel is the new modern standard since it looks great with just about any type of tile or walls. Or choose something that better fits with the overall look of your home. 

These are a few of the more popular finishes right now:

  • Classic gold
  • Brushed copper
  • Hammered copper
  • Matte black
  • Understated nickel

5. Transform Your Patio With New Doors 

When you’ve got a beautiful patio, you’ll always have a place to gather with friends and loved ones right there in your own abode. 

Start by installing beautiful vinyl patio doors that transform your back door into a transitional space that beckons guests to relax and kick back in the sunshine or stars. 

Here are a few of our most popular patio door designs to choose from:

  • Accordion-style folding doors
  • Classic sliding doors
  • Hinged patio doors
  • French doors

Once you’ve updated your patio doors, it’s time to focus on the space outside them. 

Here are a few of our favorite patio update ideas to go with your new doors:

  • Purchase new patio seating
  • Add a shade or pergola
  • Fill your space with live plants
  • Install a wet bar
  • Install an outdoor speaker system
  • Add a fire pit and outdoor heaters
  • Update your patio lighting
  • Install wall planters and fill them with flowers

6. Power Clean Your Tile Floors

If you’ve got tile floors, taking the time to give your tile floors a little TLC can give your space a whole new look. Giving your grout a next-level cleaning can make your floors look completely new. 

Once you’ve cleaned your floors and grout thoroughly, add a seal to give them an extra layer of shine. You’ll feel like you’ve had your tiles replaced, and your home will look instantly brighter and cleaner.

7. Add More Greenery & Landscaping

Looking to really increase the curb appeal of your house? One easy way to do this is to make some changes to your landscaping by adding in more trees, shrubs, flowers, or any other kind of plant. 

While you could go all out and completely re-do your property’s landscaping, you can also make some changes on a tighter budget that will totally transform your yard. 

Here are some ideas:

  • Make a flower bed near your doorway
  • Plant an extra tree or two
  • Line your windows with herb planters
  • Lay down a weed barrier to keep your yard looking well-maintained 

8. Install a Shed

If you find you need more storage space, a new shed is the ideal way to free up room in your house, garage, or around your yard. And there are actually some fairly affordable options these days. Having a place to put all your stuff will make your home and yard a more enjoyable place to be. 

And, if you don’t want to make a bigger purchase, consider downsizing or decluttering instead. 

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