When it comes to cleaning your home, you need to pay close attention to places with high traffic volume.

Apart from your floor, your doors are about the busiest places touched by different hands daily. This leaves specks of dirt and germs on them more than in other places in your home. Hence, to keep your doors clean and free from germs, you need to understand deep cleaning and how best to apply it to your doors.

Therefore in this post, our door installation experts at Window World Twin Cities will explain the best tips for deep cleaning your door regardless of your door type.

Deep Cleaning Tips for Painted Doors

If you have a painted door, avoid anything that will tamper with the paint. Follow the steps below for a painted door deep cleaning.

1.      Remove the surface dust with a dry rag or blower.

2.      Pour a good quantity of warm water into a clean bucket and add a mild dishwashing soap. Rinse until the water gets foamy.

3.      Dip a soft woolly rag into the water and gently clean the door surface.

4.      Dry the wet door with a clean rag until it dries completely.

Deep Cleaning Tips for Fiberglass Doors

1.      Wipe dust and other dirt away from your fiberglass door with a dry rag.

2.      Mix a good quantity of white vinegar with warm water and stir.

3.      Dip a soft rag into the warm water containing the vinegar, and then clean the surface of your fiberglass door with it. Ensure that you get the deep sides where dirt gets trapped.

4.      Use plain water with a mixture of quality essential oil to clean up the door and leave it to dry.

Deep Cleaning Tips for Wooden Doors

For a wooden door, the steps below will guide you.

1.      Shake and dry the door with a dry fiber material to remove dust from the surfaces and contours.

2.      Put a mild soap and soft cloth in water and scrub the door thoroughly from top to bottom. Do not neglect deeply carved areas.

3.      Use a dry towel to dry the wet door. Ensure that it’s thoroughly dry to avoid trapping dust immediately.

4.      Spray a liquid wood polish on a clean rag and rub the polish on the wood.

Deep Cleaning Tips for Steel Doors

Cleaning a steel door is pretty much easy. With warm water and a soft rag, you can easily scrub off the dirt on your steel doors. Avoid using a material that could cause a scratch on the door surface. Also, ensure that you dry the door after cleaning to avoid easy stains.

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