Buying a new home can be daunting if you do not know what to expect, the right questions to ask, or the most important things to check. While many aspects of the home demand your attention, the doors and windows are crucial to your home’s energy efficiency, so they should be thoroughly inspected.

To help you get through this, our window and door experts at Window World  have curated some vital window and door questions to ask when buying a new home.

1. When Were the Doors & Windows Installed?

As one hoping to buy a new home, you need to know the things that add up to the value of the home. One of the ways to know this is to ask when the doors and windows in the house were installed.

Knowing this will give you a better picture of the value of the entire house. If you miss this question, you may end up buying a new home with old or bad windows and doors.

2. How Does the Weather Impact Doors & Windows?

Apart from the roof, the windows and doors also act as protective elements for the home. As a result, you should try to know how the windows and the doors withstand different weather conditions in the area.

If they get drafty or leak water, that’s not a good sign. While all doors and windows may need to be replaced eventually, high-quality, well-installed windows should remain in good condition for decades. Be sure to assess them for signs of weather damage. Window contractors can also tell you if your windows need replacing.

3. Who Installed the Doors & Windows?

Aside from knowing when the windows and the doors were installed, it is also crucial to know who the installers were. Professional installers ensure that your windows and doors are durable enough to withstand turbulent weather elements.

If it was a DIY job, the installation could have substantial issues. Unsure how to tell if the doors and windows on your new home are in good shape? The window contractors at Window World Twin Cities can assess them and make some recommendations.

4. What Materials Were Used During Installation?

The quality of materials goes a long way to determining how long windows and doors will last. Ensure that you ask this question when buying a new home so you know how much life is left in your windows and doors before making replacements. Whether you’re looking at casement windows, bay windows, sliding doors, etc, it’s important to know about the materials.

It’s a good idea to ask about the materials used in many aspects of the home. But, while you might remember to ask about components like the roof or even the countertops, don’t neglect to ask about the doors and windows.

5. What Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover?

This is a question to ask yourself. You need to find out what kind of insurance the home has, whether it covers the doors and windows, and whether you’re protected from liability if there is an accident or water damage to your windows and doors.

You can verify all this by going through the insurance document yourself or with an insurance or financing expert.

6. Is There a Transferable Warranty on the Doors & Windows?

When you purchase a new home, whether it was just built or new to you, it’s important to see if various home components have warranties. Many companies, such as Window World Twin Cities, provide transferable warranties. This means that when the original homeowner bought the windows through us, they can extend this warranty to you.

You just have to send us the information about the warranty transfer along with the transfer fee within 30 days of the sale. Learn more about warranty information here.

7. Are There Any Instructions on Caring for the Doors & Windows?

After you move into your new home, you’ll be responsible for cleaning and upkeep of these parts of your home. It’s a good idea to ask the old homeowners how to take care of the doors and windows. This way, they can tell you if there are any specialty materials or issues you need to know.

However, if they haven’t kept up with the care of the doors and windows, you can learn more about how to maintain various types of doors and windows here. Regularly cleaning and taking care of these elements will ensure your home looks beautiful and prevent property damage.

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