While many types of patio doors are available, there are two main categories when it comes to how they open: Sliding doors slide open, while hinged doors swing open.

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Patio Door Options

Each type of patio door has unique features and benefits to consider. The four main types of patio doors are single hinged, double hinged (also known as French doors), sliding, and French rail.

Single Hinged Patio Door

Having a single door going out to the patio isn’t as visually appealing as a sliding door or French doors, which offer a much larger view to the outdoors. However, if you’re limited on wall space, or if you prefer traditional architecture, a single hinged door is a classic choice for many reasons.

From color to texture to glass options, it’s easy to customize a single, hinged patio door in a way that adds charm to your home.

Double Hinged Patio Doors (French Doors)

French doors consist of two identical door frames installed side-by-side to open outwards or inwards from the center. They are designed in a way that the two frames can open at the same time.

French doors make a dramatic statement in the room that leads out to your patio. You can choose between having the doors open into the room, or having them swing out onto the patio or deck.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are designed with large glass panels that slide open horizontally. They are often installed in a way that one side of the door is stationary while the other side is movable.

Since sliding doors do not swing open like the French doors, they leave more space wherever they are mounted. If you have extra space to work with, you can expand the opening with an additional panel of glass.

Another thing to note is that most homeowners opt to include a screen with a sliding patio door.

French Rail Sliding Patio Doors

This type of patio door blends two styles in one! French rail patio doors look similar to regular hinged French doors, but have the space-saving feature of a sliding door.

Benefits of Hinged Patio Doors

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of hinged patio doors to help you weigh your options!

1. Secure

It’s a misconception that French doors cannot provide adequate security. Window World fiberglass entry doors come with many high-performance standard features, such as Grade 1 certification deadbolts, to provide a powerful barrier against break-ins and other threats. Plus, you can easily customize your locking system.

2. Versatile

Hinged patio doors offer versatility. While sliding doors can only open to the left or the right as far as their frames will allow, French doors can open to the full width of the opening.

3. Ventilating

French doors provide good ventilation since they allow you to fully open both doors. You can open either door to allow in as much or as little breeze as you'd like, as long as both door panels are functioning. This is not the case for sliding patio doors, which can only open from a side.

4. Durable

French doors are also durable, especially when installed by an expert that understands the installation process. The improved durability is the reason why you see a lot of families going for them. But it’s crucial to point out that one of the best ways to ensure durability is to work with an expert who can set the hinges expertly to avoid mechanical issues.

5. Energy Efficient

Well-installed French doors might even help reduce your heating and cooling bills. You can easily open and close them quickly, reducing the amount of escaped air.

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