If you're planning a home remodeling project, upgrading your patio door is a modest-sized project with major benefits. Along with increasing the value of your house and elevating its appearance, a new patio door boosts your home’s energy efficiency when you’re replacing an outdated door with a modern style.

One of the first decisions you’ll make when selecting a new patio door is whether you prefer a contemporary sliding patio door or French doors with hinges that swing open. Then there’s also an option that combines the two to consider!

Our patio door experts at Window World Twin Cities are happy to provide a detailed comparison to help you make an informed decision!

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are built to slide horizontally with one operational panel and one stationary panel, rather than extending outwards like hinged doors. Because the panels do not interfere with your room or patio, they fit into tighter places than hinged doors. Therefore, they are perfect for large patios/rooms and don't take up much space.

Advantages of Sliding Patio Doors

●        While typical hinged doors fit with classic architecture, a sliding patio door provides a contemporary edge to your home's decor.

●        You can add a screen to a sliding patio door so that you can leave the door open and let the outside in, without inviting insects into your house.

●        Because sliding patio doors open horizontally, they take up less space.

Disadvantages of Sliding Patio Doors

●        They can be difficult to clean properly from the outside.

●        When they’re not well-maintained, sliding patio doors aren't always as smooth as you'd like them to be when you slide them open. The rollers might wear down, and debris can build up in them, causing an increase in friction.

Hinged Patio Doors (French Doors)

Hinged patio doors, also known as French doors, are a classic and classy addition to any home, with the highest resale value. They are pushed open like a typical door and secured to your door frame by hinges. For heavier and bigger doors, stronger and sturdier hinges are needed to ensure the installation is durable.

Advantages of Hinged Patio Doors

●        Hinged patio doors can be opened fully out and wide.

●        They allow for a wider variety of door sizes with more traditional options.

●        Add a dramatic appearance to your room and patio areas.

●        Can be installed to open out to the patio or deck or swing in toward indoors.

●        Some versions have built-in blinds.

Disadvantages of Hinged Patio Doors

●        Hinged patio doors take up more space than a sliding door that opens horizontally.

●        Screen doors typically are not included with French doors. You would have to spend more to get this addition.

Choosing Between a Sliding Patio Door & French Doors

Clearly, both hinged and sliding doors have advantages and disadvantages. Sliding doors are a preferable alternative if you want something contemporary and quite spacious. On the other hand, hinged French doors may be a better fit for your home if you want something more conventional and have a smaller patio.

If you like the aesthetics of French doors but want the convenience of a sliding door, French rail sliding patio doors offer the best of both worlds!

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