Window World is continuously working on new design options to give homeowners greater personalization choices. At Window World Twin Cities, we’re proud to be part of the WW legacy – even prouder to custom-make frames in-house for many types of windows.

Double hung windows have been a wildly popular option for ages because they offer a simple design and a high-end finish that lasts. They're one of the most common types you will find in residences and businesses alike. 

Here’s a brief overview of the double hung window style and its customization options!

What Are Double Hung Windows?

Double hung windows are rectangular shaped and have two sashes inside a frame. They're a great option in almost any room and are most commonly found in bedrooms.

Compared to single hung windows, which only allow for one section to slide up and down, double hung can slide independently, allowing for more airflow and accessibility. 

With advancements in technology, the window style has become more efficient, easier to produce and install, and generally eco-friendly for energy savings and the use of recyclable materials.

Double Hung Window

What Benefits Do Double Hung Windows Offer?

Aside from being popular, double hung windows offer superior benefits like minimal maintenance, easy operation, and high durability. 

  • They utilize dimensional proportions for most homes from the viewpoint of an architect and are pleasant to the eye when used in conjunction with a house's design style.
  • Double hung windows are also known for enhanced security because you can choose low-profile double-cam locks to ensure the seal is tight and the window is secure.
  • The automatic tilt-in sashes on the top and bottom of the window make cleaning stress-free.
  • Double-hung windows have triple window seals and multiple bulb seals that provide one of the best air infiltration ratings in the industry.

How Window World Creates Durable Double-Hung Windows

Our design team starts by using a refined and exceptionally slim mainframe, adding sleek construction that can work with any type of architecture you have. Our experts can construct windows in custom sizes, increasing the aesthetics of any location in your home.

Heavy-duty vinyl is added for extra durability, along with double or triple-pane glass to provide amazing energy efficiency. Interlocking sashes and heavy-duty weather stripping provide extra protection and reduce particulates like dirt, air infiltration, and dust from getting in. 

Next, it’s time to explore custom window options. Choose from unique extras like:

  • Exterior and interior colors
  • Designer glass
  • Custom hardware finishes
  • Beautiful decorative grids 

Each option can be personalized to meet your needs, from the look to the efficiency levels. This level of customization ensures that our windows are not just a functional addition to your home but a picture-perfect finish that truly reflects your unique style and preferences.

Customizable Window Frames

After selecting a window style, you’ll choose window frames. Colors include traditional white and modern black, as well as multiple wood grains.

Customizable Window Frames

Window Glass Options

Window World's new replacement windows provide substantial energy efficiency and savings for your home or building. When customizing your double hung windows, you’ll have the choice between double-pane or triple-pane glass.

Your window glass options also include Obscured, Tinted, or Rain. Whether you're looking to provide privacy, eye-catching decorative detail, or enhance your view, we have the perfect window option for you!

Energy Saving Glass 

Choosing Window World means choosing replacement windows that provide substantial energy savings for your home. 

A combination of UV-filtering Low-E glass, insulating argon gas, and a Warm-Edge spacer system creates superior energy performance.

  • SolarZone insulated glass packages are designed for superior thermal performance.
  • Warm-Edge spacer system blocks heat from escaping, reducing condensation.
  • Non-conducive edges eliminate glass-to-metal contact, improving energy efficiency.
  • High-performance Low-E coatings help maintain the perfect temperature.
  • Extremely low thermal conductivity and high density make argon gas the ideal insulating agent.

Upgrade to Double-Hung From Window World Twin Cities

Aside from beautiful aesthetics, investing in new windows will also give you a high return on investment and raise your property value. When you need expert window installation near Minneapolis-St. Paul, Window World Twin Cities is here to help. 

Good Housekeeping has recognized our brand as the number one in customer satisfaction, and we specialize in everything from privacy windows to custom bay and bow styles.

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