Not all doors and windows are created equally, and having the right protection can make all the difference in their durability. 

You need exceptional protection for a long-lasting finish, and the Window World Twin Cities team now offers superior wood windows built to last. We have expanded our lineup by partnering with Windsor Windows & Doors, a company built on quality products. 

Windsor uses a proprietary specialized blend called WinSure for the best window treatment protection for their products. Their windows and doors also come with a limited lifetime warranty, making them a strong partner that ensures you're getting the best products on the market.

Learn more about treated wood and its impact on wood windows and doors.

What Is Treated Wood?

The process started in the 1960s, and for many years, it was one of the only options available for home and business owners. 

Wood treatment involves putting chemicals and water into the wood at high pressure. Once it dries out, the chemicals left behind preserve the timber, drastically extending its lifespan. 

How Does Treated Wood Deliver Better Results?

Anyone who's ever built a structure using wood and watched it take on the elements knows how important it is to use treated products. Decks, fences, windows, and any other projects where the wood is exposed to the elements or insects are all ideal situations where treated wood is the best fit.

How long the wood lasts also depends on the type used and how much care has been put into it. Both need maintenance; however, untreated requires far more than treated. 

On average, treated wood can last between 10 and 12 years, while untreated lasts only five. This makes treated timber a perfect fit for sustainability fans. 

WinSure products are treated, which means a reduction in how many trees would normally be used, contributing to conservation and supporting renewable resources.  

WinSure Wood Treat: The Ultimate Wood Window & Door Protection 

Performance is important to us, and we want all of our windows to exceed our clients’ expectations. WinSure Wood Treat is a custom blended treatment that provides advanced protection from wood rot caused by termite damage and fungal decay. 

The frames are customizable so that you can create the perfect match for your interior or your exterior, and the durability of WinSure Wood Treat is designed to hold up better than other alternatives, increasing your return on investment and your property value.

It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty on select products and offers the ultimate protection to keep your windows in the best condition possible through the years. 

Wood Windows From WWTC, Windsor, & Winsure: Superior Finishes You Can Depend On

Treated wood means a longer-lasting product, saving you time and money in fewer replacements and repairs. Window World Twin Cities stands by WinSure Wood Treat because we don't compromise on quality, and neither should our customers. 

Since 2002, we have been expanding our company, and we can assist you with everything from a new window installation to exterior services, including new gutters and siding.

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