Modern patio doors have new options available that can fit your lifestyle and home design. You no longer have to sacrifice security for function or vice-versa. The new doors on the market offer both when properly installed along with the cosmetic appeal you expect a contractor to apply that fits with the design of your home.

Sliding Doors

A perennial favorite, sliding doors have a history of not being very secure. The issue has been addressed and new sliding doors are more secure than ever with safety features to assure the security of your home. Easy to use, they allow easy entry and intuitive screens to accommodate your daily needs.

French Doors

French doors provide safety tempered glass for views of your patio from inside when you choose to leave the curtains open. The hinged system of a double door provides the amount of access you need in any situation. Leave one shut when it’s just your family day, or open both when guests arrive. Use the screens as needed to keep insects outside and your food inside.

Outward Opening Doors

Outward opening doors put the open doors on your porch instead of taking up room inside. They offer a level of convenience by leaving the inside room open for your company as the doors remain out of the way during your parties. You don’t have to worry about the exposed hinges as new security measures have designed locking devices to assure intruders can’t pass through the doors when locked.


Whether building a new home or updating your current home, be sure to consider the options available and how they might serve your needs. Invite one of our expert representatives at Window World to come discuss with you what options are available. You can trust that our technicians have the knowledge and experience to work toward your needs and find a solution you’ll be happy with for years to come.

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