Gutters are more than decorative pieces, and they function on a more important level than simply keeping the flow of water off your head as you walk in and out from the edge of your roof on a rainy day. They hold a structural importance. Water can cause damage if not kept under control, so properly installed gutters direct the flow to where it won’t cause damage to your house.

Fascia Boards

Fascia boards are the first part of your house to be damaged by leaking or nonexistent gutters. Typically made of simple white board and protected with a coat of paint, they simply weren’t designed to be a substantial barrier to water. Water leaking over the fascias can quickly wash away the paint and begin to rot the board.


Flower beds lining the edges of your house are doomed with water pouring directly off the roof on them. Not only is it too much water for the health of the plants, but it erodes the soil in the beds. Once this process begins, it can begin to form recesses that continue to hold water, leading to faster and more erosion. It’s an ongoing process that only gets worse over time, eventually exposing the home’s foundation.


Once water begins to reach the foundation your house is in for serious trouble. The same erosion that ruined the exterior cosmetics will also cause the water to back up at worse levels and with heavier consequences than before. The foundation will crack and settling will occur, causing the house to come out of level.

Even worse is if you have a basement, it will develop leaks with water trapped inside the walls or possibly coming inside as it gets worse over time. This is a worse problem than you may realize as it doesn’t only make the basement unusable, but can grow toxic mold making the entire house unusable.


Window World doesn’t just do windows, doors and siding but is fully equipped to conduct gutter installation as well. Don’t wait for a leaking gutter to become a major problem; allow one of our representatives to appraise your situation immediately.

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