Double hung windows are designed to have double sashes. This allows you to either open the top window all the way or the bottom window all the way. You also have the flexibility to open both the top and bottom portions of the window halfway. Double hung windows provide homeowners with a number of benefits that just aren't seen in other types of windows. 

1. Safety

Compared to projection windows that open outward, double hung windows eliminate the potential for injury that can occur if a window is opened as someone is passing by. With double hung windows, the possibility of someone accidentally bumping their head on a window that projects into the room is also no longer an issue. 

2. Additional Ventilation

Adding ventilation to a room is an important factor to ensuring that you are comfortable within your Minneapolis home. Not only does using double hung windows allow you to customize the amount of air that is flowing into a particular room, you can easily adjust them to increase the air's quality as well. By having both the top and bottom windows open, the stale air from inside the room can escape at the top while the fresh air enters from the bottom. 

3. Energy Efficient

Double hung windows lend themselves well to being double glazed. This double glazing helps them to provide a better barrier between the outside and inside air temperature. By replacing your outdated windows with double hung windows, you could see your utility bills plummet. 

4. Versatile

The windows that adorn your home do much to add to -- or detract from -- its look. Because you can choose the material that double hung windows are made from, it is possible to customize them to add to your Minneapolis home's charm and style. 

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