An entry door allows access into your home, or prevents it when closed. This door can control the atmosphere within a given space by keeping the heat inside during the winter, or letting a fresh breeze through in the summer.  It also plays an aesthetic role in creating an impression of what lies beyond. As such, the fusion of artistry and engineering has produced a veritably endless fount of door styles and configurations. The earliest records of civilization portray doors of various design, ranging from stone to bronze to wood, and from simple to ornate. Doors (not to be confused with the Rock & Roll band) have been an inherent part of human history throughout the ages.

Modern technology has taken the average door into the space age. Window World is proud to carry Polaris Ultra Steel & Fiberglass Doors, which can be customized with numerous options and are available in many design choices.  Durable materials offer an outstanding combination of energy savings, security, strength, beauty, and low maintenance. Advanced vinyl thermal breaks prevent condensation and keep the exterior environment at bay. Reinforced segments provide a secure base for deploying deadbolts and locksets. Optional heavy gauge steel replacement frames fit right into existing door jambs, providing for even greater security. Featuring steel hinge reinforcement for positively anchoring your door to its frame and solid polyurethane cores that provides an R-15 insulating value for energy efficiency exceeding that of wooden doors, a Polaris door secures your home while presenting a beautiful ‘first impression’ to all who stand before it.

Do you ever feel that ever-so-slight draft near the bottom of your door during the winter?  Any such breach of atmospheric integrity is a two-way street. Cold air gets in, but warm air also gets out. Aside from lowering the thermal efficiency of your home, the escaping warm air could melt snow close to your door which later freezes, creating unsafe icy patches right outside your entry. Multiple types of weather stripping eliminate virtually all such air movement, and advanced vinyl sweeps seal the bottom of the door for enhanced retention of heating or cooling in the home.

Started as a small business in 1995, Window World has grown into one of the largest window and door replacement companies in the United States. Let our certified experts show you how to add efficiency and personality to your home’s entry!

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