You bought a nice house, you keep it nice and all your friends comment on how clean it is. Yet the windows invariably develop a fuzzy haze every summer, covered in dust, pollen and grimy rainwater storm runoff. There is a solution with a few life hacks to keep your windows sparkly clean and your view through them unimpeded.

Interior Window Cleaning

Cleaning the inside windows is never much fun. Whether you use ammonia based cleaner or a green living product, it takes time you’d rather spend doing something else to go around the house cleaning windows. To make it less of a chore, set a weekly schedule to inspect and clean as needed the windows in each room.

Outside Scrubbing

There’s no way to avoid having to make a thorough scrubbing on the outside of your windows to remove pollen that accumulates over time. Windows with a tilt feature so you can clean them from inside makes the job easier than having to climb ladders outside in the summer heat to conduct your cleaning. A simple trick to keep the windows clean is that once you have them really clean, and they have dried, cover them with car wax. After it dries, wipe it off until the windows are clear again. It will leave a thin and transparent coating on the window.

Outside Pressure Washing

Once the exterior windows have the wax coating, they are easy to keep clean for the rest of the summer. Simply spray them with a pressure washer or even a garden hose to rinse them when pollen begins to build back up. The wax coating assures an even water runoff so as to avoid streaking and leave the window perfectly clean.

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