Like everything else in your home, you have plenty of design options for your patio doors. Some choices may be determined by budget, others may be determined by the layout of your home, while you may simply prefer one style over another. Each major style presents distinct advantages to consider before replacing or installing new patio doors.

French Doors

French add a touch of class and stylishness to any home and can typically be fairly plain or elaborate depending on the amount of focus and attention you want them to draw. Being double doors, one can remain closed for daily activities, or they can both be opened to provide better access between the patio and inside if you’re entertaining or spending a lot of time going in and out. French doors can also be useful when moving furniture in or out of the home.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are often considered standard on new homes and provide the benefit of not taking up space by swinging open. They allow plenty of natural light into the room, and when equipped with a sliding screen can be left open to provide fresh air and a breeze on days with moderate weather. The doors don’t provide as wide of an opening as French doors, but serve a good utilitarian purpose by allowing access to and from your patio.

Outward Opening French Doors

Outward opening French doors can be very nice, especially if the room from which you leave to go onto the patio is smaller or filled with furniture. By swinging outward, they don’t take up any space. Some people may worry about security with the hinges being on the outside of the house, but that isn’t a concern as the hinge pins are locked in place and require a specially designed key-tool to remove.

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