Steel doors have become the new building paradigm for the safety, security and versatility they offer in design choice. Although traditional wooden doors provide a timeless elegance, they simply aren’t as efficient or eco-friendly as steel when used as a building material. Steel is recyclable and doesn’t rot, won’t attract termites, is generally stronger than wood, and offers a number of available design options to emulate the visual design appeal of wooden or industrial door styles.

Security of a Steel Door
If properly installed, a steel door is nearly impervious to break-ins. Along with an appropriately designed steel door frame, the door is impossible to kick, pry or otherwise break open. When the door is provided with reinforced hinges and a reinforced lockset, you can rest assured you and your family will remain safe will be safe at home and your possessions will be secure when you’re away.

Cosmetic Options
Steel doors can take on the appearance of any traditional door with a good quality finish application. They can of course be painted with any color that suits the home or building with flat, satin or high gloss paint. Faux finish paint jobs can add additional details by simulating a stained wooden door with a grain pattern. Theoretically, any other type of material can be created visually and with a sense of texture although for most buildings a simple paint job in your choice of color would be the preferred design choice.

Ongoing Value
There is something to be said for the ongoing value of a steel door. The insulation it provides along will likely lower your heating and cooling bills. Because it doesn’t swell and shrink on the same scale as other materials, it can provide a more consistent seal throughout the year, further lowering those bills. When properly installed and maintained with weather stripping and bottom floor sweeps, the seal is complete so the air in your home stays inside unaffected by the outdoor weather.

Further value is provided by the lack of ongoing repairs or replacement. The steel door, for all practical purposes, is going to last forever. It will withstand any typical abuse a door may undergo, even that of an active family with pets and children. It takes a devastating accident to damage a steel door, and even then it is recyclable so you can rest assured it doesn’t have to use space in the local landfill.

Steel doors are the modern option for entryways because of their form and function. Typically associated with residential homes, they are perfectly appropriate for business establishments or commercial buildings also. Their strength and security is unmatched, the cosmetic appearance is limited only to what your imagination may desire, and they maintain a long term value to assure you’ll be happy with the product for years to come.

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